Imagine Mormality-Prelude
Imagine Normality: Prelude
     by: Al-I-Bus

Neon Genesis Evangelion and all of its characters are owned by Gainax. I am
using them without permission, and do not intend to benefit financially from
this, or any other work, using these characters and ideas.

I restarted this series because I lost all of my directoin.  I have a basic
timeline, and I know what I want to do now.  Another note is that I will be
writing in prose rather than the script format that IN had been before.

SPOILER WARNING:  This fic contains spoilers for End of Evangelion, as well as
the series.  Things from End of Eva may be altered slightly.  This fanfic picks
up where Eva:R left off, kinda.

Asuka saw the sword approaching and raised her AT-Field to its max.  Even though
the field protected her she lurched back from the force of the impact as the
sword made contact with the field.  Maya was screaming something in the
background, but Asuka wasn't paying much attention.  Already she was devising a
strategy, when suddenly everything went ape shit.

" No Asuka no!  It's an inverted At-Field, your field won't be able to hold it."  
Maya was screaming frantically into the console, but there was no response.  The
group in the control room looked on in horror as the sword suddenly transformed
into a Lance of Longius.  A pattern of orange octogons came into existence
briefly, then they shattered and the lance continued, unhindered towards its

" Oh Sh----" was all Asuka had time for before the lance buried itself in her
right eye.  She felt herself, and her Eva, falling to the ground.  Gritting her
teeth in determination she put one hand to the lance and tried to pull it out of
her eye.  A moment later eight other lances rained down on her, pinning her to
the ground.

Unit-01's eyes blazed with an unnatural light, as Shinji sped towards the
surface.  * Hold on Asuka I'm coming* Shinji thought to himself as he quickly
leapt from level to level, rapidly approaching daylight and the world above.  
With a final leap, Shinji cleared the top of the elevator shaft and rolled into
a crouch.  Cautiously he glanced left and right, but nothing threatening came
into his field of vision.  The he turned around.

Asuka's Eva-02 lay on the ground, pinned down by countless Lances of Longius.  
Shinji turned on a com channel to talk to her, only to have his ears assailed by
German curses and tears.  
have....i would have...."  Shinji cut off his com channel, unable to listen any

Pain lanced through his back, and he toppled forward, a fist through his Eva's
back and out of his chest.  As the ground rushed up to meet him, his vision
suddenly turned white.

Strange voices filled his mind.  There were questions, answers, voices,
accusations.  He tried to fight against it as best as he could, then one
question popped into his awareness clearly.


He blinked, trying to gather his thoughts, but the question repeated itself.


" Rebirth." He whispered finally.  Suddenly everything went black.  The last
thing he heard was a familiar angry voice yelling at him.

" Get up baka!!!!  we're gonna be late!!!!!!!!!!!!!"