Imagine Normality 2
Imagine Normality
     by: Al-I-Bus

Neon Genesis Evangelion and all of its characters are owned by Gainax and were
created by Hideo Anno.  Eva:R, Eva:R' and all of its characters are owned and
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Here is chapter 2 of the New and Improved Imagine Normality....I'll work more
characters in slowly, because I want to be able to develop my ideas before
bringing in too many characters.  That way I can focus on the central idea which
is...........a secret.

End of Evangelion Spoilers ahead!!!! Eva:R Spoilers ahead!!!!!  Spoilers for
everything ahead!!!!!!!!.

Remember: " " speech, * * thought, ********* change of time/scene, and < > is an
action noise.

Rei Ayanami sat up in her bed screaming.  She swung her head wildly from right
to left, sweat dripping off of her brow, her chest heaving from the effort of
breathing.  A pale hand reached down to examine a pale stomach.  Her eyes
following her hand, Rei let out a sigh of relief.  Gendo's arm was not sticking
out of her stomach, it had been a nightmare.  Taking another deep breath, Rei
got up out of bed and padded softly over to the window.

The sight of a billion souls floating in the sky, all crying out at once,
greeted Rei as she gazed out of the window.  Rei fell to her knees, hands
clutching at her hair.  She started to scream.


Rei Ayanami woke up abruptly.  Gazing wildly around her room, she checked
herself to make sure that Gendo's appendages were not hanging off of her.  
Finding no extra limbs, Rei leapt out of bed, and approached the window.  A blue
sky greeted her roving eyes, and she sighed in relief.
* Just another nightmare I guess...*
 Turning from the window, Rei began to head for the bathroom, when a deafening
thud broke her tranquility.

Running to her door, Rei exited her apartment and sped down to the street.  In
the middle of the road lay the disembodied head of Lillith, dead eyes glaring
into her soul.  Putting her hands to her mouth did little to halt the shriek of
anguish that she emitted a few moments later.


Rei Ayanami woke up screaming and falling at the same time.  She hit the floor
with a hollow thud.  Rubbing her backside, she got up slowly.  Sweat dripped
from her brow, chills ran up and down her spine.  Running a hand across her
stomach she discovered no limbs, turning to the window she saw no soul-filled
sky, and glancing down into the street, she saw no decapitated head of Lillith.

Keeping her guard up, Rei walked over to her phone and picked it up.  Breathing
rapidly she waited as the shrill ringing echoed in her ears.  Finally, after an
endless few seconds, there was a click on the other end of the line.

" Hello?" a timid voice floated into her ears.

" Hello Shinji-Kun.  Is everything alright?" Rei asked, muscles still tensed,
guard still up.

There was a pause on the other end of the line before Shinji answered.
" Well Rei.  I woke up here on the beach, and it was just me and Asuka. you know what's  going on?"

Rei slammed her phone down and started screaming furiously.
" This sucks!!!!!!  Stop this SHIT and let me wake the hell up!!!!"
Throwing her phone, Rei began to kick anything she could.  Her garbage can flew
across the room, followed by her school clothes, her books, her Pen-Pen clock,
and her pillow.

As Rei wound up to kick at her wall, she accidentally slipped on a piece of
paper that had fell out of the garbage can and fell onto her back again, hard.  
Frustrated, she began to scream out her anger.


Rei Ayanami woke up in her bed screaming.  Angrily she jumped up and out of the
bed.  As she headed to the window she checked her stomach with one hand, while
reaching for the phone with her other.  Dialing, as she looked up at the blue
sky, and down at the busy street, Rei's face flushed red with anger as she
listened to the phone ring.

" Hello" a sleepy voice came through the phone.  Rei's patience gone, she
snapped.  " Shinji!  Are you dead?  Are you on the beach with Asuka!?"

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone, as Shinji tried to make
his mind work.  
" Umm..Rei?  Are you alright" he finally managed to sputter out.

Rei breathed a sigh of relief, a sputtering Shinji was sign that everything was
right in the world.
" Nevermind Shinji.  I'll talk to you later." Hanging up the phone, Rei lay back
on her bed.  She gazed up at the ceiling and breathed softly.  After a few
moments of glaring at the ceiling, a small smile crossed her face.

The small smiled, widened slowly, until it became a brilliant grin that split
her whole face.  Laughing, softly at first, then progressively harder, Rei
clutched her stomach as she rolled around on her bed.  Feeling better she got up
and headed for the bathroom.  She needed a shower.


Over at a certain apartment in Tokyo-3, Shinji looked at his cell phone in
disbelief.  A massive sweatdrop stood out on his head and his eyes were wide
open and unblinking.  After a moment he shrugged and got back into his bed.


Rubbing her blue hair with a towel Rei stepped out of the bathroom.  She slid
gracefully into her bedroom, and paused in front of the mirror.  

The red eyes caught her attention first.  The blue hair second.  For some reason
they didn't seem to hurt her appearance at all.  In fact they helped.  She had
seen pictures of Shinji's mother, and she could easily see the resemblance.  Rei
giggled to herself for a moment as she imagined being Shinji's mom.
" Yeah, I'm sure that would make Asuka really happy."

Rei stepped away from the mirror and turned to her drawer, looking for something
to put on.  Opening her dresser she found one drawer filled with panties and
bras, and another filled with socks.  The third drawer was empty.  On top of the
dresser was an alarm clock and a pair of glasses.

Sighing to herself, Rei slowly put on her underwear, then approached the closet.  
She hesitated before opening it, as if hoping that some new clothing would
magically appear there.  Of course it did not happen.  All that was in her
closet were three school uniforms, hung neatly.  The fourth lay in a crumpled
ball on the floor.

A growl began to build up in her throat as Rei glanced around her sparse
apartment again.  A brief image of Misato's apartment flashed through her mind.  
Rei slammed her closet door, and stamped back to her bed.  Plopping down heavily
on the bed she started to whine out loud.
" This isn't fair!  They have a nice apartment!  They aren't alone!  My
apartment sucks!  It's all empty and I hate this!  It's not fair!  I hate this!  
Mine is all empty and theirs is in!"

Flinging her pillow to the floor, Rei rose from her bed determined.
* I've had it!  I'm moving out!  And you can't stop me! Commander Ikari!*


In his office at the Geofront, Gendo Ikari sneezed.

Deep within the bowels of the Geofront, Dr. Ritsuko Akagi sat up slowly.  She
opened and closed her eyes, trying to work out the grit that had built up during
her 8 hour trip into the realm of the sandman.  Her head was pounding, her mouth
was dry, and her palms were sweaty.  In short she was very hungover, and today
was the set date for completion of the installation of the S2 engine in Unit-00.
" Great....just fucking great!  Well, Maya'll be here soon, until then let me
get some coffee."

Ritsuko rose from her chair and shakily made her way over to the always running
coffee machine.  As she reached the machine, she saw that a red light on
Melchior was blinking, indicating that there was a message of some sort waiting
for her.  Curious she made her way to the computer, and sat down.  Bringing up
the message screen, she quickly entered her passcode.
Password: Hi Mom <Return>

The machine hummed quietly for a moment, then flashed to life.  Ritsuko's eyes
widened as she read what was on the screen before her.  Her breath caught in her
throat, and she raised a hand to her mouth.  Leaping from her chair she bolted
out of the room towards the Commander's office.

Back in the computer room, Melchior hummed quietly again, its job done.  Splayed
across the screen in blood red letters one sentence could be seen.
TELL MY HUSBAND TO STOP...............


Misato stretched and yawned.  Sitting up in her bed she looked slowly around the
room.  It was a mess, as usual.  Shrugging she got out of the bed and strode out
of her room.  It was quiet. Very quiet.  Raising an eyebrow she glanced into the
living room.  No television, no food, no arguing, not even a penguin.

She scratched her head,
* Very curious.  Where is everyone?*
Misato poked her head into the kitchen.  She grinned slightly at the sign over
the oven which read,

 The Tokyo-3 Council has decided that the owner of this apartment, one Misato
Katsuragi, must remain ten feet from this appliance at all times!

Even here in the kitchen it was silent, save the slight humming coming from Pen-
Pen's freezer.  She didn't dare check on Pen-Pen, he was still mad at her from
her incident in the kitchen.

Misato glanced up at the clock, 1:15 PM, she glanced at the calendar, May 12th,
Saturday.  There were no tests today, no school, no emergencies.  So where the
hell was everyone?  There was no way that Asuka and Shinji outslept her.

A growling stomach reminded Misato that she was hungry, turning to the fridge
she noticed a lock on the door.  There were two card slots, one read Asuka and
the other Shinji.  A button near the top of the lock read " beer", but there was
no card slot for Misato to get into the fridge.  Sighing she pressed the " beer"
button, and watched, amused, as a can of Yebisu slid down and out of a shoot
next to the ice dispenser.
" Fine if they want to play that way then...." she paused, dramatically, "

She sat down at the table to wait, ears straining to pick up the noises of
Shinji coming to heed her call.  She waited.........she waited...........she

A little annoyed now, she got up and stomped over to Shinji's room.  Banging on
the door, she called to him again.
" SHINJI!!! Get out here, NOW!!"
She slid the door open slightly, expecting to see a bundle wrapped up in covers
on the bed.

The bed was empty, in fact the room was spotless.  It was totally cleaned, as if
he had already risen from bed and headed out somewhere.

* So where's he at?*

Turning to Asuka's room she quickly slid the door open.  Her room was messy, but
showed signs of her having gotten up and leaving.  She noticed a piece of paper
on the floor with her name scrawled out on it.

Unfolding it, she read it aloud to herself.
" Hey Misato, me and Shinji went out okay?  We'll be together and we both have
our phones if you need to reach us.  Stay out of the kitchen, unless you're
getting a beer.  We'll be home by five with dinner.  Asuka".

Smiling to herself, Misato put the piece of paper on top of the table in the
living room, where she had wandered while reading.  So they were getting along
okay. But what was she going to do?
" I'm bored.......maybe Kaji's home!"

Grinning mischievously she turned to the phone.


" Great idea third child!  Now we're lost." The frustration could be seen
clearly on the face of the red-head as she pushed Shinji.  He stumbled for a few
steps and then turned on her.
" Well...I didn't see you coming up with any bright ideas!" his voice trailed
off slightly, " Don't know why you won't just shut up and look for

As his luck would have it, Asuka heard his final remark.  Stamping the ground in
anger, she put her hands at her sides.
" Fine!  I'll look for landmarks!  From right here.  Stupid Male!  I'm not
walking one more step with you!"

Shinji sighed, very frustrated.  Throwing his hands up he turned back to Asuka.
" Why can't you just help me!  You're always such a baby!"
" Fine I'll be a baby!  All by myself!" she spun on her heels, ignoring Shinji.

Both children were standing on a street somewhere in Tokyo-2.  Shinji had wanted
to take Asuka out to the spot that Misato had shown him after he beat the first
Angel.  Unfortunately they had gotten on the wrong bus and ended up deep within
the shopping district of Tokyo-2.  Not a bad thing as far as Asuka was

She ended up dragging Shinji into countless clothing stores, trying on dresses,
shoes, and anything else that she could find.  At first Shinji was proud to be
seen with her, but after two or three hours of waiting he quickly began to tire
of this exercise.  After an eternity spent in the mall, he was able to drag her
away.  It was still only 3:00, maybe he could still find the place.  Then they
could go home.

An hour and a half later, they were still lost in Tokyo-2 and they hadn't gotten
dinner yet.  What was worse was that the phone in the apartment seemed to be off
the hook.


Misato brushed the annoyingly ringing phone off of the table as Kaji slid on top
of and into her.......


" Asuka!  C'mon Asuka!  I'm sorry...." she continued to ignore Shinji, turning
her back to him every time he tried to face her.  Finally, fed up with the whole
situation, Shinji snapped.
" Look I'm sorry I tried to take you out so we could have a good time!!!  I was
only trying to be nice, but, of course, ' Mein Fuhrer' had to find something to
fight about.  Just forget it...."

He turned away from Asuka and started to walk up the country road, hoping to
find a payphone or something somewhere.  Asuka started to shout after him.
" Don't you dare walk away from me Third Child!  I'm not done with you yet!" she
took off up the road after him.

Stopping in front of Shinji, she squared off against him.  Eyes glaring into
his, she began with a figurative right hook.
" You always do that!  Play that innocent victim act!  I'm not gonna fall for
it!  You got us lost!  I'm supposed to be happy!?"

Shinji's head snapped back as he caught the figurative hook in the jaw, but he
recovered quickly and returned with a rapid verbal body blow.
" Well I tried!!!  And you were the one who insisted we shop instead of getting
on the bus going back the other way!"

Her eyebrow twitched.
" Well how was I supposed to know that it was the last bus heading back into
Tokyo-3!!!  It's not my fault that the stupid Japanese Bus System is

" Well it's not my fault either!" Shinji retorted, subtly closing the small
distance between his face and Asuka's.
" Of course it is!!  You're the male!! It's always the male's fault!!" Slyly she
slid her face a few millimeters closer to Shinji's.

Finding himself confronted by those fabulously captivating blue orbs, Shinji was
at a loss for words.
" Well..Well...Well....Ummm...."

A moment later he didnt' need to search for words anymore as Asuka pressed her
lips against his.  Grinning she pulled back and gazed into his puzzled eyes.
" baka..." she whispered softly.  Shinji smiled.  She took his arm, and leaned
against his shoulder slightly, and, together, they made their way up the road.

Meanwhile the Nerv security team behind them threw up, feeling sick to their
" Too much damned sugar!!!" One of them yelled.


Gendo sneezed violently again.  Blowing his nose, he threw the tissue into the
already full wastebasket.  Hidden behind his dark lenses, his watery, red eyes
squinted in annoyance as the tissue tumbled to the floor.  Frustrated he rose
from his seat and stapled the tissue to the top of the pile.  Satisfied he
returned to his seat..........only to sneeze again.

His office door opened and in strode Fuyutsuki, glass of water in hand.  After
the  massive journey across the office, Fuyutsuki presented Gendo with two
Alkaseltzer Cold Tablets and the glass of water.
" You must be getting sick........maybe we should push back this whole ' melt
the world into LCL' thing until a little later."

Gendo sneezed again, his glasses nearly sliding off.  He quickly pushed them
back up to the bridge of his nose.
" No it's not a cold," he paused, gulping down the water and medicine, " I just
can't figure it out yet."

Suddenly the door to his office swung open, and off its hinges with a crash.  In
stamped Rei, her eyes redder than usual, her hair wildly unkept, and just a hint
of an At-Field visible around her.  Gendo assumed his trademark postion, as
Fuyutsuki dove for cover.  It all made sense now.


Rei looked at the two before her.  After getting over his initial shock, the
sub-Commander had risen to his feet and brushed himself of.  Neither looked
overly distresed at the situation.  The only thing that was slightly out of
place was the overflowing wastebasket next to the Commander's desk.
* Say no and I hurt you Commander*
Gendo sneezed again.

Rei began
" Commander Ikari, I would like to request a transfer out of my apartment."
There she had said it, she had been trying to work out exactly how to start, the
whole afternoon.

Behind his glasses Gendo Ikari's eyes glittered wickedly.  The corners of his
mouth turned up slightly, but both Rei and Fuyutsuki picked it up.  Both raised
an eyebrow and leaned in at perfect synchronization as Gendo's head slipped down
to his desk slowly.
" Hey Kozo..........I think that medication causes drowsiness."

Then his head hit the desk and he was asleep.


Shinji helped Asuka out of the cab and leaned into the driver's side window.  He
gulped audibly and reached into his wallet, pulling out the last of his money.  
The driver nodded as he accepted the money from Shinji, and made no motion to
give back change.  Asuka watched with interest.

" Ummm...well, thanks for the can keep the change as your
tip." Shinji stammered, trying to save face in front of his girl.  The driver
huffed and chuckled wryly.
" Yeah sure whatever kid." Putting his foot down he sped off, kicking up mud
onto Shinji.
Asuka rolled her eyes and walked into the apartment, mumbling something about
spineless wimps who were lucky they had such mesmerizing eyes.  Shinji turned

Opening the apartment door, Asuka poked her head into the apartment.  Misato was
sitting on the couch in her lounging clothes, boxer shorts and a t-shirt,
watching television, a beer in hand and two or three next to her.

" Hey Misato!  Sorry we're late...but we brought dinner." Asuka cringed,
expecting to be chewed out.  She looked at her watch, it was 7 Pm.  They were
about two hours late.  Shinji cowered behind her, trying to hide.

Misato just nodded and smiled dumbly.
" Have a nice day?" she didn't move her eyes from the TV, or wipe the silly grin
off her face.
Asuka cocked an eyebrow and exchanged glances with Shinji.  He stepped forward,
taking the food from Asuka and setting it on the kitchen table.
" Yeah we had fun, even though we got kinda was your day?"

Misato just kept smiling, she turned her gaze to the two teens and winked.
" Hehehehe...........Spectacular!"


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