Imagine Normality 3
Imagine Normality
     by: Al-I-Bus

Characters owned by Gainax, Evangelion created and owned by Gainax.  Eva:R is a
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Chapter 3 is here now.  Well let's go and see what develops.

Project Start: Jun 2, 1999
Project End: Jun 20, 1999

SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! End of Eva, Eva:R, Eva TV series

" Speech", * thought*, < action>, ********change in scene/perspective


Ritsuko stormed out of Gendo's office, furious.  Here she had been slaving away
for the better part of a week installing S2 organs, here she was warning Gendo
of, seemingly, inevitable danger.  And all she gets is tossed out of his office.  
Well at least she had given her message to Fuuyutuski; it was out of her hands

* But why did I get kicked out like that?  Something is up, and I don't like
being left out.*
At that moment, the door to the commander's office, which had been propped up
against the doorframe, was shoved over a bit, and Rei Ayanami squeezed through
the opening.

The fact that Rei was coming out of the office wasn't what shocked Ritsuko; it
was the fact that she had a giant grin plastered on her face.  Waving happily at
the scientist, Rei headed out of the office, humming to herself.

Ritsuko pulled herself off the floor, wiping the giant sweatdrop away.  As a
custodian leapt forth to mop up the now wet floor, Dr. Akagi walked out of the
office area, shaking her head slowly.


Pain.  Utter pain.  That is what Toji Suzuhara was feeling at this moment.
Immense pain, as Hikari dragged him out of the classroom by the ear.
" When are you going to learn to watch your mouth, Mr. Suzuhara!?"
He winced again.  She was pissed.
" C'mon Hikari..OW.....I was only kidding, STOP, OW!!!!!"

Depositing him in the hallway, Hikari spun on her heels and stomped back to the
classroom.  Just as she got to the door, she turned and winked at him, grinning
" You're soooo cute when you're in pain!" < SLAM> The sound of the door being
shut, snapped him back to attention.

Moments later, the door opened and shut again, as Shinji and Kensuke were
hurtled out.
" Go on!  Join him! Bakas!" < SLAM>
The door snapped shut again.  Kensuke grinned, while Shinji scratched his head
and smiled sheepishly.
" Well we sure showed her!"
Kensuke's glasses glared brightly for a moment in triumph.

The three stooges slowly slid down to the floor.  Outside the rain fell in
sheets, absolutely soaking anything that happened to dare to venture from its

Pulling a deck of cards from his pocket, Toji began to deal out a hand of poker,
when a figure appeared at the end of the hallway.  Walking slowly down the hall,
humming lightly to herself, carrying an umbrella, was one Rei Ayanami.  When she
got to the threesome on the floor, she smiled at Toji and Kensuke, and bent down
to hug Shinji.
" Hiya Shinji-Kun!  Hello everyone!"

Standing up straight, she opened the door, and strolled into the classroom.  On
the floor, the three stooges all stared at one another.  The floor began to
rapidly fill up with liquid, as each boy shed sweatdrop after sweatdrop.  
Finally, the shrugged and returned to their game.
* What in the hell is going on with her?* Shinji wondered.

Meanwhile a child from one of the other classes, entered the hallway, and
slipped on a puddle that had formed, falling hard to the ground.


Asuka sighed, and drummed her fingers against the desk.  She was bored.
" School sucks!" her utterance startled Hikari out of her trance-like state.  
Sitting upright, she snapped her notebook closed.

Narrowing her eyes, Asuka approached dangerously.
" And what were we doodling deary?"
Snatching the notebook from Hikari, Asuka fled to the other side of the
classroom.  Hikari plopped next to her and tried to get the notebook away, but
Asuka succeeded in finding the page.
" Hikari Suzuhara?  You must be kidding me!  How sickening!"

Hikari turned a beautiful shade of crimson.  Asuka was about to continue when
the classroom door opened.

Rei strutted in, humming softly, smiling a little.  Seeing Asuka staring, Rei
smiled a little and approached, uncertainly.  She stopped in front of them, and
greeted Hikari.
" Hey class rep, sorry I'm late....I was at Nerv."

Hikari could only nod dumbly.  Rei turned to Asuka.
" Ummm....Asuka I think we need to talk................"


" She's WHAT!!!!!!!!"  Misato sat upright on the couch, her beer and the
television remote plummeting to the ground.  Pulling the phone away from her
ear, she slipped a finger in, as if to clean out the wax.  Then putting the
phone back to her ear she asked the speaker to repeat himself.

" Yes Major I just heard from the Vice-Commander." Hyuuga's ear was still
ringing, " Rei is moving in with you three.  She'll be there this evening, in
fact she's supposed to come home with either Shinji or Asuka from school."

Misato shook her head incredulously.
" B-b-bbbut where is she gonna sleep?  I'm out of room, we're over crowded as it
is.  And Asuka's going to have a fit!"

On the other end of the line Hyuuga shook his head.
" What's Asuka's biggest problem with Rei, other than just being a bitch?"

Misato narrowed her eyes
" Don't talk about my roommate like that you GEEK!"
Hyuuga grinned, " Sorry, but anyway.  Why does Asuka hate Rei so much?"

Misato thought for a moment, ( causing smoke to rise from her head!)
" I guess the fact that Rei is"

Hyuuga nodded again.
" Exactly, but Rei's not like that anymore."

Misato raised an eyebrow, this was news to her, the smoke set off a fire alarm,
but Pen-Pen waved a towel in front of it, shutting it off.
" That's news to me.  What's going on?"

Grinning into the phone, Hyuuga shook his head and chuckled.
" You be better off finding out on your own.  You'd never believe me if I told


" And that's why I think we should be friends. It just doesn't make sense for us
to fight.  I'll see ya later." Rei sprang up from her seat and went over to her
common chair in the classroom as the bell rang, ending the lunch period.

Asuka and Hikari looked at each other dumbfounded.  Both girls had their jaws
hanging open, their eyes wide and unseeing, and massive sweatdrops plastered to
the backs of their heads.  And they sat that way until the end of the day.  No
one bothered them, fearing Asuka's acid tongue and Hikari's " Clean-up Duty"
attack.  Toji happily accepted the role as class rep for the remainder of the

<DING!> " Ahem.  Faces down!  Butts up!  That's the way we like to F---" Toji
was cut off in the midst of his closing instructions
" Mr. Suzuhara!  Clean up duty for one week! Have a good afternoon all!"  The
professor glared at Toji again as he made his way out of the class.


Gendo Ikari stood in front of the giant that was Eva-01.  His normal drab attire
was replaced by a loose-fitting plugsuit, identical to the one Shinji wore.  
Ikari sighed, remembering for a moment before pressing the seal on the suit.

With a hiss, the suit form-fitted itself to his body.  He strode purposefully
towards the plug.  Smoothly sliding over the side of the entry plug, Ikari
plopped into the fluid filled cockpit, and slid into the pilot's chair.

Pressing a few controls, the plug slid noiselessly into the base of the giant
creature's neck.  It was dark.  It was tight.  It smelled like blood.  Gendo
suddenly found himself unable to breathe.  Head darting from side to side, the
elder Ikari searched for a way out of this hell.  Suddenly his purpose entered
his mind again, and he fought to control himself.

Inhaling the LCL deeply, the Commander of Nerv was able to regain control of his
thoughts and actions.  He sighed.
* It is always like this*

Closing his eyes, and tilting his head up, Gendo prepared to synch with the
machine.  There was a slight hum as the machine portion of the eva sprang to
life.  The plug lighted slightly.  Increasing his focus, Gendo was able to bring
the eva completely online.  He glanced over at the monitor, 29%.

A slightly smile crossed his face briefly, and the satisfaction was apparent in
his voice.
" I am let us begin."

Closing his eyes once more, Gendo began to focus.  As his concentration
increased, the synch ratio rose, slowly at first, then it increased rapidly.

As Gendo passed the 100% synch ratio he felt another presence enter his
conscience.  He smiled.
Moments later, his synch ratio had jumped to nearly 400%.  Outside the plug,
Eva-01's eyes began to blaze brightly.

Ikari opened his eyes and looked down.  His body was still there.  He looked at
the synch ratio, 450%.  He had done it.

Raising his head, Ikari searched the entry plug for signs of life.  He did not
seem surprised at all, when an image of Yui Ikari materialized out of the LCL.  
In fact, he smiled brightly.
" Well.....I heard that you wanted to have a word with me."


Asuka ran into the kitchen, followed closely by Shinji.  Rei brought up the
rear, strolling in, with a very un-Rei like grin visible on her face.  Pulling
out a chair, Rei plopped down while Asuka paused to catch her breath.

" Misato!!!!  What is going on?" her breath was back as well as that terribly
grating screech that she puts into her voice when she wants to be particularly
" Why is Wondergirl acting so weird?  Why don't you seem surprised to see her?  
What is going on?".  The wonderful shade of red that Asuka's face had taken on,
deepened as she noticed that Misato had her fingers in her ears.  Growling she
reached up and yanked the older woman's hands down.

Realizing that the German Tornado was done, Misato put on her " try to be
cheerful" smile and started.
" Yeah, see...the thing is.  <AHEM> I received an order from the
Commander today.  A construction team will be in and out during the day tomorrow
and they will be knocking down a few walls, making our apartment bigger.  Due to
the increase in size, we have been ordered to take on another roommate.  And it
seems that Rei here is the prime candidate.

Asuka blinked once, twice, and a third time.  She looked at Rei, back to Misato.  
Back to Rei, at Shinji for a moment, then back at Misato. Finally she spoke, in
a surprisingly soft manner:
" But I don't want her to live with me."

Rei sighed and glared at Asuka.
" Can't you try to be my friend?  I'm willing to try."
Asuka looked her over thoughtfully for a second.
" Hmmm...lemme think for a moment..........NO!!!"

Rei huffed and turned away from Asuka.
" Fine!!!! I didn't want to be your friend anyway!!!!!"
Grabbing Shinji's arm she began to lead him out of the room, claiming she needed
him to help her move her stuff.  She turned her head towards Asuka.
" I'll take real good care of him".

Asuka bolted upright slamming her hand on the tabletop.
" No way in hell you flitchen schwul!"  Steam started to come out of her ears.
" It's one thing for YOU to barge into my home, but there is no way you're going
to cozy up to MY Shinji!!!"  she grabbed Shinji's arm.

Misato and Rei both shot questioning glances at Shinji, who blushed and nodded
sheepishly.  Rei lowered her gaze somewhat sadly.
" Oh..........Oh..well I can respect that if it's what Shinji-Kun wants." She
lifted her head,
" But you can't tell him who he can and can't be friends with!!!" she ran a
finger up Shinji's arm, to his neck and then traced a line seductively around
his chin. " Isn't that right Shinji?"

As they all looked towards Shinji to see his response they noticed he was
missing.  Where he had been standing there was a puddle of LCL.  Getting out the
mop, Misato sighed and collected him into a bucket.  As she poured him out, his
AT-Field returned  and reshaped him.

Giving him a viciously evil glare, Asuka tugged on his arm, leading him out of
the kitchen.
" Hands off Wondergirl!"
As she led him away, Rei grabbed onto his other arm, yanking him back towards
the kitchen.
" He's not your doll!!!"
If not for the fact that they were figting over Shinji, Asuka might have fallen
back in horror.  What did that damned Wondergirl know about dolls?

Misato and Pen-Pen looked on as Asuka and Rei fought over the boy, literally
yanking him back and forth across the kitchen.  When he looked over to them for
help all they could do was shrug and sweatdrop.

As luck would have it, today was the day that some of the cartilage and calcium
in Shinji's back merged to form the beginnings of a backbone.  It wasn't much,
and it could probably only be seen with a microscope, but it was there.

Jerking his arms free of the two girls Shinji stood his ground.
" Stop!"
Crossing her arms and tapping her foot, Asuka glared at Rei.
" See!  He doesn't even want to help you move!"
Rei stuck her tongue out at Asuka, then pouted at Shinji.
" That's not true is it Shinji-Kun?"

His newly found backbone suddenly melted away back into nothingnes as he was
confronted by one set of amazingly kawaii red eyes, on an amazingly kawaii pout.
" N-n-nn-nnnno, that's not true Rei...It's just <THWACK!>
Shinji's excuse was cut short as he fell face first to the floor.  Asuka stamped
off to her room yelling curses over her shoulder.  Stopping at her door she
turned and gave Shinji a look that....well lets just say that if looks could
kill ( and all that).
" Stupid male!  There will be trouble for you Third Child!"
Spinning she slammed her door shut.

Pulling down an eyelid with her middle finger, Rei stuck her tongue out at
Asuka's door. ( Hey that was the classic Beedah position!).  Grabbing Shinji's
arm again, she dragged him out of the apartment calling to Misato that they
would be back soon.

Back at the kitchen table, Pen-Pen and his violet haired owner sat.  Both had
the " super facefault" plastered on their faces ( You know!  The basketball
sized sweatdrop, super squinted eyes, acute angle arched eyebrows, arms askew,
little swirly thingies on their cheeks, etc.).  Leaning back in her chair Misato
hit the beer button on the fridge twice.  Popping her can of Yebisu open she
slid one to the penguin.
" You're gonna need one too it seems."
She leaned further back in her seat.

Pen-Pen didn't even look up when she fell over.

As our heroes back in Tokyo-3 struggled with everyday life, something was amiss
in England. Well that was kinda obvious when you looked at the fact that a giant
yellow and white robot seemed locked in battle with a group of white robots.

Eva Unit 06 ran, jumped, and flipped across the British countryside.  As the eva
sprang back and forth it fired at the numerous enemies that pursued.  Rapidly
the unit found itself running out of land as it neared the English Channel.  
Glancing back, the pilot saw that he was surrounded from behind.  Nowhere to go
and nowhere to hide.  This was definitely not a winnable battle.  At least not

Turning back towards the channel, the yellow and white unit sprinted for the
edge of the cliff.  Not hesitating, Unit-06 launched itself over the precipice,
falling out of the sights of its pursuers, who slowed, cautiously.

For a moment nothing was heard, the enemy units crept to the edge, waiting for
the splash that would signify a successful mission.  He wasn't using the type-B
equipment.  It never came.

As the first unit poked its head over the edge, an energy blast shot up,
decapitating the white monster.  Seeing that their comrade had fallen, the four
other units rushed to the edge of the cliff, only to be flung back as a yellow
and white blur shot up into the air, spurting fire as it swept by.

Another unit fell, and the remaining three looked up bewildered.  Floating in
the air, golden wings of energy behind it, was Unit-06.  Even as the enemy Evas
looked upwards, the positron rifle spit another round at the crowd.

The two remaining secondary mass production Evas, rolled out of the way, as
another of their number fell to the earth.

In his entry plug, Lyn Anouilh smiled grimly, and swooped down.  Landing feet
first on the head of one of the units, Unit-06 opened fire with its positron
rifle once again, immobilizing the final enemy unit.

Looking around at the devastation, Lyn sighed in relief.  Slinging the rifle
over his eva's shoulder, he began to tramp back into the direction of the
smoldering ruins of Nerv-England.
* Pick up Seyoko and Aoi, and then I guess it's off to Tokyo-3 a little earlier
than anticipated.  God bless these S2 thingamajigs....*


End Already

Special thanks to my prereaders:
Chenalos, EBJ, Godsend777, Axel, KillaKoala, Dr. Kaiton and I3akaAndy.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed......bye for now.

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