Pulp Evangelion 3
Pulp Evangelion
     by: Al-I-Bus

Evangelion is owned by Gainax, Pulp Ficiton was created and is owned by
Quentin Tarantino and whoever he sold the rights to.

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Note:  ------------------------ (Denotes change in scene)
    ..................... (Denotes chang in time in the same scene)


Asuka hadn't said a word the whole car ride. Rei was beginning to worry. <
What did Gendo want? If he hurt her, so help me god I'll....> " Hey
wondergirl don't worry I'm fine." Asuka was smiling at her, but Rei could
see the pain in her eyes. " What did he say to ya'?" Asuka turned and began
to study the road. " Nothing" she replied softly.

Rei closed her eyes for a moment, suddenly the car stoped responding. Asuka
manuevered it slowly to the side of the road and let out a long sigh of
fustratoin as Rei chuckled. " Why the hell did you do that Rei?! Do you
know how hard it is to get the car to work right again after you do that.
Dumpkoff with your AT Fields!"

Rei smiled and leaned against her friend. " Tell me what he said" Asuka
looked down and saw Rei staring at her intently. < She does care> Asuka
thougth. She shrugged her shoulders " Fine. Commande Ikari instructed me to
take his son on a mission to test his loyalty. If Shinji proves to be
disloyal in anyway, then I'm suposed to kill him"

A fire burned brightly behind Rei's red orbs and for a moment, her AT Field
became visible, it glowed hotly then subsided. " I'll kill the commander
myself" she snarled. Asuka put a hand on Rei's shoulder. "No, let me handle

" What are you gonna do? I like Shinji myself, he's a nice kid. I won't let
you kill him." Rei uttered, meeting Asuka's even gaze with a fierce one. "
Trust me. I'm not gonna kill him. I just haven't figured out what I'm gonna
do after." Rei cocked her head, puzzled. " After what?" Asuka looked at her
and smiled, " After me and Shinji elope....."


" I'm telling you, she wants you." Shinji just shook his head. Silently he
willed the Grand Cherokee to go faster. " Listen Kaoru, I don't think so. I
mean she probably thinks I'm the boss's spoiled brat son." Kaoru looks at
him bewildered. " How could you say that? He treats you like shit. He uses
you, he hurts you constantly. In fact he values you considerably less than
any of the other pilots. And you think that anyone views you as a spoiled

Shinji sighed, but cheered up as he saw that they had arrived at their
destination. " Not that I want to end this conversation or anything,"
Shinji said smiling meekly, " but we gotta get to work now." That said
Shinji jumps out of the car as it rolled to a stop. Pulling a silenced .45
out of his holster, Ikari ran around the building out of Kaoru's view. <
He's a different kid when it's combat time> Kaoru thought to himself as he
reached into the back of the car and removed a sawed off double barreled

< I wonder if she does like me?> Shinji wondered as he crouched behind a
garbage dumpster. < She sure is pretty. And those eyes...FOCUS baka!>
Shinji tapped himself on the forehead. He crept quietly to the abandoned
warehouse that Touji, Kensuke, and Futuysuki were being held in. After an
eternity he came to the side of the building. He pulled out a shortwave
transmittor, " Kaoru I'm in position. Where are you?"

Kaoru picked the 9mm off the dead man and searched his pockets for the keys
he needed. His sortwave transmittor crackled, and then Shinji's voice came
through clearly, " Yeah I've got the keys now. According to Akagi's
surveillance information, you should be right below the hostage room right
now. There are two guards, so you're gonna hafta drop 'em both before
either can sound the alarm."

Shinji nodded, " Two head shots then. No problem. Are there any Angels at
this site?" He listened to Kaoru for a moment longer before signing off, "
Okay. I'll start and then hit you back." Shinji shut his transmitor off,
and glanced into the window. He saw the three captives sitting back to back
to back, tied together. One guard stood on each side, wielding menacing
M-16s. < This oughta help relieve some stress,> Shinji thought, < but if
Gendo thinks I'm gonna kill my friends if shit goes sour, he's crazy>
Shinji crept back a few yards and then fixed his sites on the rightmost


Kaoru picked up his radio, " Okay, I'm moving in now. Clear the hll before
the room, and wait for me. I'll be in through the eastern door." Radio
turned off Kaoru slid the back door to the warehouse open.


" What if he got shot?" Touji asked, he was fully armed now, flak jacket
and 9mm, " I mean, how long are we supposed ot wait. Shinji shrugged, "
Either until he shows, or until we know for certain he's dead." Shinji's
radio crackled, "Okay Shinji I've got Kozo to safety. We're in the Jeep and
I've got it running. You're covered from out here", Shinji nodded, " Good
job Kensuke. Ok we're just waiting for the albino prince."

<This ain't fucking good> Kaoru thought as he shot another guard. He
reloaded the shotgun and sprinted through the main room. He shoulder
charged the side door and rolled into an office, bullets grazing the ground
inches away from his leg. He spun and fired, his assailant's head was
missing. Kaoru grinned and then headed out the back door of the office he
was in.

The sound of gunshots grew nearer as Shinji an Touji tensed anxiously.
Suddenly the door burst open and two guards back in firing at an unseen
opponent. Shinji and Touji looked at each other and then both fired. The
guards dropped and in sprinted Kaoru. He was by Touji and Shinji and out
the window before they knew what happened. They blinked, and then followed
his path.


" I'm glad you're alright bud. I'll see ya later then." Shinji waved
goodbye to Touji and unlocked the door to his apartment. He walked in and
turned on the lights. Rei and Asuka were sitting on his couch.

" You know, you're a real hentai." Rei said, grinning, holding up a tape.
Shinji blushed, and then noticed Asuka, his blush began to become painful.
" Umm....Shinji...w-w-we need to talk to you." Shinji looked at his friends
puzzled. Asuka dropped her head, " W-w-well, it's about..t-t-tommorow's
training mission.........."

Shinji saw the stressed expression on her face. " Hmmm... You guys want
some gormet cofee? This looks serious.


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