Pulp Evangelion 4
Pulp Evangelion
     by: Al-I-Bus

Hey. Its time for another installment I guess. My name is.... Read on.
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Rei and Kaoru sat at a table in a coffee shop. Shinji and Asuka had left
for their " training" mission earlier. They sat at the table engrossed in
small talk. Actually it was very one-sided, as Rei just nodded glumly in
response to whatever Kaoru said.

" Hey what's wrong?" Kaoru asked, placing his hand on top of hers. Rei just
shook her head and got up claiming she had to pee. Kaoru nodded and sipped
from his coffee.

" So what are we gonna do now?" Misato shook her head. " Shut up baka."
Kaji grinned, " Are you mad at me hun? I'm sorry, you know I never meant to
make you mad." He lifted Misato's head with his hand and gazed into her
eyes gently. " You know that I love you."

" Love ain't gonna get us out of this you jerk! What are we gonna do? I
didn't mean to spend all of Gendo's money on beer!" Misato dropped her head
to the table and started crying. Kaji just patted her head softly, telling
her it would be alright. Suddenly Misato raised her head, struck with

" This place! We'll start here and rob various places all over. The cops
won't be able to do shit." Misato pounded her hand on the table. Kaji
sweatdropped ad replied, " Well, I don't know, I mean we could get hurt.
Plus I don't wanna kill anyone who ain't an Angel." Misato grabbed him by
the collar, pulled him close and kissed him. Releasing him she growled in
his ear, " If you don't then I'm sure Hyuuga would love to help." Kaji
frowned and pulled his 9mm out. Misato grinned and grabbed her own 9mm.

Kaoru snapped his head up as the first scream entered his ears. A waiter
fell to the ground headless, a beautiful purple haired girl stood behind
the fallen waiter, brandishing a silenced 9mm. Kaoru reached into his waist
and pulled out his .45. < Please stay in the bathroom Rei> he wished

" Ummm....Asuka, h-h-how long do we hafta wait before they show?" Shinji
sat next to a campfire, wrapped in a blanket. Asuka shouted back from the
confines of the tent, " Well, I was supposed to test you whenever I felt
good and ready. Rei was gonna respond either when I paged her or after a
few days. We have a few days. Can't we just relax?" Shinji leaned in a
little closer to the fire, " S-s-ssure I guess.

Asuka charged out of the tent and grabbed Shinji by his collar, "Listen
baka! If you don't quit that fucking stuttering shit, I swear I will stick
this shotgun so far up your ass that when I shoot, the bullets will come
out of your eyes!" Asuka was fuming. Her blue eyes glittered in the glow of
the campfire and her hair was drawn back, exposing her neck. Shinji gulped
< She's beautiful. Well....Oh what the hell!> he thought as he leaned in
and kissed her. She was surprised to say the least.

" Listen guy! Stop playing hero and give me your fucking wallet." Misato
was getting pissed quickly. This was not in the plans. Kaoru simply
grinned, " Whatcha gonn do? Shoot me wit dat widdle pee shooder?" He said
in a baby voice. Finally Misato lost her temper and fired.

Everything in the room seemed to stop and not a sound could be heard. The
bullet sat suspended in mid air as, for a second, an orange octoganal plane
came into view. The bullet then fell into Kaoru's outstretched hand He
laughed, " Is that all?"

Kaji gasped and grabbed Misato as she stumbled back, thrown by Kaoru's
expanding AT-Field. " An A-A-AT-FFFFField! Shit you work for Ikari don't
you?" Kaoru nodded and pulled his .45 out, " Say buh bye now" He clicked
the safety off.

" Kaoru stop." Rei's voice shot through the diner like ice. The three
turned to look at her. Rei's AT-Field was visible and her red eyes had
began to glow. " Look don't ask anything. Misato give her purse back, she
said pointing to a girl who sat cowering in the corner.

Misato nodded dumbly and gave the purse back to the girl. Rei leaned down
and carressed her hair softly, " Sh... it's ok Ruri. I could never have one
of Shin-Kun's friends hurt." Rei then stood up and addressed the group.

" We will be leaving now. You can tell the cops anything you want. Trust
me, you will never ever get your shit back. Buh bye!" With that Rei walked
out of the diner. Kaoru, Misato, and Kaji looked at each other, shrugged
and left.

In Kaoru's GS 400, he leaned over to Rei, " Why did we let them live?" he
whispered in her ear. " I'll explain later, but right now we've gota go
save Shinji and Asuka. They are in trouble and we're gonna need these two
to help us." She then explained the situation and the plan to them


A Few Nights Ago.<Just Imagine Them Studdering and having trouble speaking
cuz I'm too lazy to write it that way>

Shinji grabbed Asuka's arm as she walked to the door. " Hey Asuka. I know
why Rei cares, but why do you want to save me?" She dropped her head, and
smiled shyly.

" I've wanted to say this to you for a while now, but I really like you
Shinji." He reeled backwards as if he had been slapped. " Me? Why me? You
could have anyone. And you choose me? No I don't understand."

Asuka looked at him shocked. He was an absolute idiot, maybe she had chosen
wrong, " Yeah maybe you're right. But I still don't wanna kill you. See ya
tomorrow." She tore her arm from his grasp and stalked out of the room.
Shinji knocked his fist against his head, "Baka!" he uttered sharply.


" Listen, I appreciate you sparing us and everything, but I'm not
especially fond of either of them." Misato snapped. She had quit being
afraid and amazed and had become angry and annoyed. " I'm not doing it, and
there ain't nothing you can do about it."

The car screeched to a halt and Rei leapt fom the passenger side door. She
reached through the window, causing Kaoru to wince as glass spilled down to
the ground, and pulled Misato out.

" You_Fucking_Ungrateful_Bitch!!," her eyes glowed with that eerie red fire
again, " Either you do what I say or..." Misato, trying to reserve some
dignity, spit in Rei's face, " Or you what? What are you gonna do you
fucking doll?" The next thing she knew, Misato was flying though the air.

Kaji and Kaoru jumped from the car at the same time. Kaji ran over to
Misato, who was laying on the ground shocked. He grabbed her by the
shoulders and shook her roughly, " Misato! Misato!" she blinked, " I'm
awake. I'm okay." Kaji hugged her to him and sighed.

Rei stood where she had thrown Misato, her gaze unfocused. Her AT-Field had
become visible and her eyes glowed brighly with red-hot fire. Kaoru shruggd
off her AT-Field and wrapped his arms around her. She began to thrash
wildly in an attempt to free herself. Suddenly she stopped.

" Kaoru-chan, I remember it all now!" Sh whispered seconds before she
slipped into unconciousness. Kaoru's eyes widened in surprise, < Looks like
its gonna get serious now>


" Hey Shiiiiiinji!" Asuka poked him in the side with a stick, " Wake up!
Guten Morgen!" Shinji just rolled over, and mumbled something about
red-heads and certain action they commited with their evas. " WHAT!" Asuka
ran out of the tent and returned a moment later with a bucket of water.

Shinji jumped up, very cold and very wet. He looked around and saw Asuka
standing next to him, giggling, holding a bucket of water. " Why did you do
that!?" Asuka just giggled again, leaned in and kissed him.

After she pulled away Asuka whispred in his ear, " Aren't you glad I woke
you up now?" He noddd dumbly and she got up and walked out of the tent.

Shinji emerged a few moments later, rubbing his head with a towel. He
walked over to Asuka who was cooking breakfast. He sat down next to her. "
Hey. I'm glad you forgave me..." She turned to him with sad eyes and a sad
smile. " I didn't have much of a choice you know. I could never, ever stay
mad at you."


And its over. I only needed one o two moe scenes to fill it out, and I got
'em. I'm not sure how many more pieces, or even where I'm going with the
fic, but I do know that I'm enjoying writing it. I hope you enjoy reading
it as much as I did. Shout out to Chenalos@aol.com, read his work, " Fan
Fiction" its a little more to the Pulp Fiction story line than mine.. I
just wanted to use the attitudes of the characters form Pulp Fiction, He
uses the plot, its really good.

And I'm out, peace.