Neon Slayers Evangelion
Neon Slayers Evangelion
(A EVA / Slayers Crossover)
By Ammadeau

     Disclaimer:  None of these characters belong to me.  I'm
just having a little fun with them.

     A moment ago, Lina and Gourry had found a mysterious
idol, but now they stood in the middle of what had to be the
strangest city they had ever seen.  The buildings were huge!  And
they were all made of glass and metal.  This place made Atlas City
look like a hovel.
     They didn't get much time to look around when they saw
what had to be a monster.  It was larger than the buildings and
looked like Shabradingo's ugly cousin.  A blast from the creature
incinerated a building right near where they stood.
     "Do something Lina!  It's going to kill us!"  Gourry
demanded as he cowered in fear behind her, peeking at the creature
from around her shoulder.  'That was the strange thing about
Gourry,' thought Lina, 'he could be brave as a lion one minute and
cowardly as a chicken the next.'
     A monster this big, Lina thought, isn't going to taken out by
just a fireball.  "Darkness beyond twilight," she began chanting as
the monster proceeded to wreck the city for no obvious reason (but
then it's a monster so what to you expect?), "crimson beyond blood
that flows, buried in the flow of time.  In the name of darkness, I
pledge myself to thee.  Let the fools who stand before us be
destroyed.  Dragon Slave!!!"

     Misato was just about to order Shinji and Asuka out in their
EVAs when a massive energy blast stuck the angel.  "What the hell
was that?" she demanded.
     "An incredibly powerful energy beam of some sort," Maya
stated the obvious while checking the instruments, "It's actually
broken through the angel's AT field!"
     "Amazing!" Ritsuko added as she checked the readings
herself, "Its like no other energy form I've seen before.  What could
possibly generate so much power?"
     "I want the blast traced to its source," Misato demanded.  
"Launch Units 01 and 02 to take care of that angel."

     Lina couldn't believe that there was anything left of the
monster, but not only was it whole, it was starting to get up and it
seemed to be looking in their direction.  She couldn't read any
expression on its 'face', but had a feeling that it was pissed off.
     "Wow Lina, you hit that thing with the Dragon Slave and
it's still coming!"
     She nodded.  "I think that I wounded it pretty badly though.  
Well, looks like its all up you now Gourry," Lina said, giving the
blonde swordsman a smile and a pat on the back.
     "Up to me?" he asked, scratching his head in confusion.
     "Use the Sword of Light you dolt!"
     "Oh," Gourry replied and drew out his hilt, "Light come

     "You're not going to believe this," Aoba said.  It was an
odd statement for one who regularly helped battle giant angels
from destroying mankind, but in this case it was true.
     "What is it now?"  Misato asked, rubbing her head to keep
the headache from coming.  She had felt it since they traced the
blast back to a red-haired girl and a blond man, both wearing
strange clothes.  No way they could be the source of the blast.  The
cannon that fired it had to be enormous.  Was the UN trying out
some new weapon and didn't bother to tell her?  Not for the first
time, she cursed the fact that NERV didn't let her drink on duty.  
Dammit, coffee just didn't cut it at a time like this!
     Aoba punched up a zoom on the angel, only to see the
blonde man jumping at it to attack.
     'Is this guy crazy?' Misato thought, 'and how did he jump so
high?'  Everyone in the room was shocked when the swordsman's
weapon cut through the angel like a glowing hot knife through
some butter that had been in the fridge way too long.  The angel
exploded in a flash of light.
     "What's going on in there?"  Asuka demanded of the
control room after hearing the explosion.  No one even
acknowledged her, they were still staring at the screen in shock.

     'Geez that was some blast,' Lina thought as she pulled
Gourry's head out of a building.  The explosion had thrown the
swordsman pretty far, but thankfully only his head had been hurt
so no real damage had been sustained.
     "What was that thing?"  Zelgadiss asked as he walked out
of a cloud of smoke.
     "Where were you Zel?" Lina demanded, "We could have
used your help a moment ago, you know."
     "Forgive me, but I just arrived.  When you and Gourry
disappeared, the idol flew into my hands.  It must have brought us
here, wherever here is."  He looked around.  He had traveled the
world looking for a cure for his cursed body, yet had never seen a
city as strange as this.
     "Well, to answer your earlier question, I don't know.  But
anything that could take my dragon slave and still come at you is
trouble.  Luckily, Gourry's sword was able to finish it off because
there's no way I could cast another Dragon Slave right now.  I sure
hope that there aren't any more of those things around."
     Suddenly, a woman's voice sounded throughout the city
block, saying, "You three, the redhead girl and the two guys, stay
where you are and someone will come to get you."
     The three were a little stunned to be picked up in a
horseless carriage that had obviously seen better days.  Misato had
decided to go and get them herself.  It was her duty as operations
director.  Besides, she was the only one with a car.

     The three breathed a collective sigh, though not one of
relief, when they saw a familiar short, dark-haired girl standing in
the middle of the street.
     "I guess we should stop and take her with us," Lina said as
if it was the last thing in the world that she wanted to do.
     "Are you sure Lina?" Gourry asked, "Couldn't we just
pretend that we didn't see her?"  Zel nodded in agreement with the
blonde swordsman.
     "Are you kidding?  Do you have any idea how much
trouble little miss justice could cause if we let her go around here
     Zel and Gourry shuddered from the mental images this
conjured up.
     "She a friend of yours?" Misato asked the group.
     "Sort of," Lina answered for everyone.  "Her name's
Amelia, stanch defender of justice and all around pain in the butt."
     Amelia watched the strange contraption slow to a halt
before her.  Before she could decide if this thing was somehow
unjust and evil, she saw a familiar face inside.
     "Miss Lina!" Amlia squealed, "I'm so happy to see you!"

     "That's it!" Lina shouted.  "We're not going to answer
anymore questions until you feed us!"  They had been barraged
with questions since they had gotten there, only half of which Lina
had even understood.  Just where the heck were they anyway?
     "I think you better do as she says," Gourry stage-whispered
to Commander Ikari, who was feeling a little uncomfortable with a
girl who could nearly destroy an Angel by herself getting angry at
him.  "When she gets cranky like this, you never know what she'll
     "Cranky am I?" Lina turned on Gourry and belted him right
in the stomach, hard enough to knock the breath out of him.
     "See what I mean?" Gourry said before groaning and
falling on the floor.
     Asuka didn't know who this strange girl was, but she liked
her style.  I wonder if she can teach me how to throw a punch like
that?  Or blow up an Angel without an EVA.
     Commander Ikari wisely decided to hold the rest of the
interrogation in the cafeteria.
     Nerv personnel stood around wide eyed as the Slayers gang
put away food faster that should have been humanly possible.  The
only one eating normally was Zel, who looked apologetic for his
companions' lack of manners.

Future Scenes:

     "I don't think I'll be able to help fight these Angels for the
next couple of days," Lina told Misato softly, not really wanting to
talk about it before so many people.
     "Oh," Gourry said, overhearing, "Guess it's that time of the
month again."
     As a result, Gourry wasn't able to help fight the Angels for
the next few days either, since he was in the hospital.
     "Jeez, you shouldn't have been that hard on him," Lina told
the other women as she looked down on the heavily bruised
     Misato, Ritsuko, and Maya all looked embarrassed.

     "Since Amelia is fourteen and our tests prove that she can
synchronize with an EVA, Commander Ikari has made her the
Forth Child."  Misato told Lina.
     "You mean you made her one of the pilots of those giant
robots?" Lina asked with growing horror.
     Misato nodded, wondering about the strange reaction.  She
was even more surprised when Lina grabbed her by the shirt and
nearly shouted, "Are you insane?  Do you have any idea of the
sheer scale of the damage she could do in one of those things?  Its
worse that teaching her the Dragon Slave!"

     "Evil angel who tries to posses my vehicle of justice, feel
the taste of my vengeance.  Megano Flare!"  Amelia shouted.

     "Angel who attacks this city without warning, the wrath of
heaven is upon you!  Know that I, the Black Thunder of Tokyo-3,
will destroy you!"  Amilia shouted from inside her entry plug,
broadcasting her speech all over Toyko-3 and waving around her
progressive knife in a threatening manner.  "Strike! Strike! Strike!"
     Back in the control room, sweatdrops hug from everyone's
head.  "Did her speech even make sense?" one of the bridgecrew
     "She's been watching a lot of anime recently," Lina
explained, "She's really gotten into this character Kuno from the
show Ranma 1/2.  Wants to follow in his footsteps or something."
     The bridge crew looked horrified.
     "Are you sure it was wise to put that girl in an EVA?"
Fuski asked commander Ikari for the third time that day.
     Ikari only smiled slightly and did that thing with his glasses
to catch the light (he spent hours in front of a mirror learning how
to do this), it was all going according to the new plan.

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