The Instrumentality of Angels
The Instrumentality of Angels
 Part One

Disclaimers: Neon Genesis Evangelion is property of GAINAX and was released
in North America by A.D.V. Films. Much thanks to everyone involved. None of
the characters in this story belong to me. My apologies for tampering with,
and possible destroying, a masterpiece.

This story takes place after episode #24 of the series.

"Blue," Hyuga turned away from the screen.  "It's an angel."

"I don't understand."  Misato hoped the others couldn't sense the fear in her
voice.  "I thought we destroyed them all.  How can this be?"

"Shall we send out the Evas?"

"Not yet.  Let's try the conventional methods first."

"Are you sure that's wise Major?  You're wasting time we might not have."

"Don't question my authority."  There was a hard edge to Misato's voice.
"I'm still in charge here."

"Yes Ma'am."  Hyuga turned back to his screen.

In the launch bay, Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami awaited their orders.  He
glanced over at Rei.  She was as emotionless as ever.  Less than twenty-
four  hours before, Shinji had been forced to kill Kaoru Nagisa, a boy he
had dared call friend.  A boy who, as fate would have it, had also been the
seventeenth angel.  The last one.

"I don't understand," he thought to himself.  "I thought it was over.  I thought
i wouldn't have to fight anymore.  How can they make me fight?"

"Why are we waiting?"  Rei's voice caused him to jump, despite its softness.
She stared straight ahead, past the Evas.

Shinji glanced sideways in her direction.  He didn't respond.  He was afraid of

Several minutes later, Shinji was in his entry plug, loaded into his Eva.  He was
still awaiting orders from Misato.  The all too familiar feeling of anxiety began to
form, a mixture of fear and disgust.  How many more times would he have to do
this?  Even when he promised himself that he wouldn't, he kept fighting.  Even
when Misato told him it was over, he kept fighting.  He didn't even understand
why he did it.

"Shinji," Misato's face suddenly appeared on his view screen.  She looked so
tired, there were dark circles under her eyes.  "We tried to bring the angel down
with missles and N2s.  Of course, it didn't work."

This time Shinji stared straight ahead, unresponsive.

"I just wanted you to know that I did everything I could.  I didn't want to send
you back out there, especially after...I don't have a choice now Shinji.
Asuka can't pilot anymore and Rei's Eva isn't as it should be yet.  I'll
send her out as a last resort.  But you are our best hope, our only
hope really."

"I understand Misato."

"Do you?"  She sighed heavily.  "You can go whenever you're ready.
The angel hasn't attacked yet."

"If it hasn't attacked us," he thought, "then why are they sending me
out to destroy it?"

"Evangelion Unit One, Launch!"  Shinji closed his eyes for the few seconds
it took to arrive at the surface.  Maybe he'd lose this time.  Maybe Third
Impact would occur and the world would come to an end.  He didn't care.

The angel hung suspended, several hundred feet in the air.  It looked so small.
Nonetheless, Shinji approached it cautiously.  The angel was emitted a strange
light.  Shinji squinted against the glow, not believing his eyes.

"Kaoru?  It's Kaoru!"

The angel looked up and smiled.  "Hello.  Shinji Ikari."

"Misato!  Why didn't you tell me?  Why didn't you tell me it was Kaoru?"

"I- I didn't know how Shinji."  Her voice sounded so small, so unlike the
self-assured leader she normally was.

"It's just like before, with Toji!  Damn you Misato!"

Misato cringed at the anger in his voice.  "Shinji, I-"

"Shut up!  I don't want to hear any more!  All you tell me is lies!"  Shinji
looked back at the angel.  "Kaoru, what am I suppossed to do?  Tell me,'

"Why are you asking me?  What do you want to do?"

"I- I don't know.  I know what I'm suppossed to do.  I'm suppossed to-"
Shinji clenched and unclenched his fist.  "I'm suppossed to destroy you.
Again.  If I don't, I'll die.  Everyone will die!"


"Yes, we can't both exist."

"That's true.  But I can't be destroyed, Lilum."

"Then, you're here to destroy us?"

Kaoru smiled, not an unkind smile.  "I'm not here to destroy anyone Shinji."

"You're not?  Why are you here?  I don't understand!"

"I like the Lilum.  I wish to become one."

"You never make any sense!"

"Shinji, I love you.  I wish to become one with you."

Shinji was stunned.  "Bu- but how?"

"By merging souls, of course.  That way, I'm no threat to the Lilum."

"But why me?"

"You don't want to become one with me?  You don't have to.  Any
Lilum will do.  Though it may take more than one soul.  Your soul
is pure, made so by pain."

"My soul isn't pure at all.  That's why everyone hates me.  I'm only
needed to pilot.  But now..."

"Shinji,"  Misato's voice interupted.  "I'm ordering you to retreat.  Get
away from him."