The Instrumentality of Angels4
The Instrumentality of Angels
Part Four

"Eva Unit Five has arrived sir."

"Begin dummy plug sequence."

"Yes sir."

Those waves, those funny colored waves, were lapping and receding. He
no longer had a shape or form. But someone else was there. Someone who
was not him.

"Ikari," Rei's voice entered him. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Even if it means everyone may die?"

Shinji hesitated. "Yes. I can't take care of the world anymore. I have to
take care of myself. And Asuka. I have to do what I think is right. But


"Thank you."

"Commander, there's someone approaching the angel!"

Misato ran to the window. "It's Rei!"

"What?" Gendo Ikari stood.

"Rei!" Misato pounded on the glass. "Get out of there! You'll be killed!"

"Dummy plug initiation complete."

"Bring Unit Five in here! Go through the walls if you have to! We have to
stop her!"

"This isn't our decision to make." Kaoru stated.

"No, it is his." Rei replied. "And he has decided.

"Then let us finish it." He held a hand out to her.

"Rei, no!" Misato turned to Ikari with panic in her eyes. "She's melting
into Kaoru the same way Asuka did! What's she doing?"

Gendo Ikari dropped down into his chair. "She's starting Third Impact."

Shinji was running down a hill. He could see Asuka sitting at the bottom,
her back to him. She was wearing a yellow dress, her red hair cascading
her back. She was surrounded by flowers.


She turned around in surprise. "Shinji?" He dropped to one knee in front of
her. She reached out a shaky hand to touch his face. "I can't believe
really here. But how?"

"Rei. She helped me."

"Wondergirl? Wow, maybe she's not such a robot after all." She raised
an eyebrow. "Hey, you're not saving me again, are you?"

"I- I don't think so. I'm joining you."

"Did you choose me over everyone?"


"But why?"

"Asuka, don't you know?"

She cocked her head and studied his face. "Yeah, I guess I do." She leaned
forward and kissed him, smiling slyly as she pulled away. "And this time, I

wasn't bored."

Shinji couldn't remember when he'd felt this happy. He looked off to the
where the sun was setting. Two figures were there, watching them."

"Look. Rei and Kaoru are here too. Say, exactly where is 'here'?"

Asuka shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe it's the Garden of Eden. Or Heaven."

Shinji smiled dreamily. "Heaven, yeah. It must be because I finally feel