Child of Love part 1
                            THE CHILD OF LOVE
                   (oh boy, what a nasty title! :-) )

Before starting reading the story, you should read *THIS*:

It's my FIRST attempt at writing a fanfic in English language.  I'm French
and have already done some fanfics in French.  Unfortunately, it seems there
aren't many French people interested in fanfics, and translating the stories
was very boring, so I aborted the translation.
This story, which we may call "The beginning of a love story between our
two sweetiest children, Shinji and Asuka" (and VIVE ASUKA!) has been
inspired by the extremely short (but extremely funny) fanfic "She's WHAT?" by
The Flashman (my thanks to him).
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And, by the way, Shin Seiki Evangelion is copyright of GAINAX.
Each character belongs to this great anime series.  Everything has been
used without permission.
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So, here is the sequel.

Misato was looking for the Second Child, Sohryu Asuka Langley, to get her
to come to her weekly synchro test.  She was nowhere to be found...but when
a NERV doctor phoned Misato, her outburst, "She's *WHAT*?" was heard by
everybody in Central Dogma, and it was justified:  Asuka is *PREGNANT*.  And
who's the lucky man???  Don't tell me you couldn't guess at all.  Yes, it's
Shinji!  As usual, Asuka found another absurd way to have fun when she was
bored and...well, you probably guess what happened...

The first scene takes place in Misato's apartment.  Shinji is not here yet
because he wanted to talk with Ayanami Rei.



The day after the announcement.

Misato : "I don't think you truly UNDERSTAND what you've done, young lady!!"

Asuka : "Shut up!  I was bored, okay!?"

That's insane!  Sometimes I don't understand you!"

Asuka : "There's nothing to understand, Misato.  And you're hardly the one to
lecture me, you hypocrite.  I saw you doing that with Kaji last month..."

Misato : "YOU SAW US!?!  WHEN?!  WHERE?"

Asuka : "When, I don't remember exactly...but WHERE...oh, you were probably
getting excited doing that in the park...where everyone could see you."

Misato : "Was Shinji with you?!"

Asuka : "Fortunately not!  I was going to Hikari's place."

Misato : "Phew...what a relief..."

She then starts to forget what she was talking about with Asuka, and was
going to leave the apartment for some reason, when she quickly remembers...

Misato : "HEY!!!  Asuka!"

She turns around, but no one else is here now.  Misato runs to Asuka's
bedroom and tries to open the door, but it's locked.

Misato : "Asuka...forgive me.  I want to talk with you calmly...woman to you understand?  I need to talk with you about...uhh...bees and

Asuka (from inside her room) : "I don't want to talk to ANYONE right now!!!

Misato (now in the kitchen) : "Well...well...we'll talk later then." (to
herself) : Those damn kids are gonna kill me one day..."

She sighs.


In the street, Rei is going home as usual...

Shinji : "AYANAMI!"

Shinji is running towards Rei.  She turns her head towards him, stops
walking and waits for him.

Shinji : "Ayanami...hahhh...hahh..."

He stands there panting, trying to catch his breath.

Rei : "What is it, Ikari-kun?"

Shinji : "Umm...the other day...err...anyway, I wanted to talk with you."

Rei : "Really?"

Shinji : "Yes."

Rei : "Then, let's talk."

She starts to walk again.  Shinji walks beside her.

Shinji : "Well, about what happened to Asuka yesterday..."

Rei : "Oh.  You mean Sohryu's pregnancy?"

Shinji : "Errrr...y-yes..."

Rei : "What is it, Ikari-kun?"

Shinji : "I felt that...uh...well...I-I don't...I may be wrong here, but..."

Rei (calmly, as usual) : "Yes?"

Shinji : "I saw you looking at her, and it looked kind of like you were

Rei suddenly stops walking.  Shinji stops as well.  He blushes a little.

Shinji : "Did I...did I...are you getting upset because of what I just

Rei : "I don't know this feeling."

Shinji : "You..."

Rei : "What is being jealous?"

Shinji : " mean you weren't?"

Rei : "What is being jealous?"

Shinji : "Let's's when you envy someone because he or she has
something you don't or can't have for youself...I mean...that's what I

Rei : "So that is being jealous, then?"

Shinji (barely certain) : "Y-yeah..."

Rei (continuing to walk again) : "Then perhaps I was jealous."

Shinji : "So you were?"

Rei : "I think."

Shinji : "Are you angry at me?"

Rei : "No."

Shinji : "N-no?"

Rei : "No."

Shinji : "You sure?  I mean...jealousy also usually brings anger..."

Rei : "Really?  Should I be angry?"

Shinji : "I think so."

Rei : "Then perhaps I am angry at you, Ikari-kun."

He gulps.

Rei : "But I can't be angry at you."

Shinji : "W-why?"

Rei : "I just can't."

Shinji : "Ah..."

A short pause.

Shinji : "I-I must go now...Misato is probably waiting for me."

Rei : "Is Major Katsuragi angry at you?"

Shinji : "Ah?  Hmm...I think she is a little, in fact..."

Rei : "Because she is jealous?"

Shinji : "What?  Don't say such things, Ayanami!  Misato is our guardian.
She's just angry because I hadn't thought about what I did BEFORE I did

Rei : "You realize what you did?"

Shinji : "Y-yeah...I feel sorry for Asuka."  (to himself) : But she
provoked me!  That bitch..."

Rei : "That's good.  Realizing your sins is the first step to repentance."

Shinji : "Well...I have to turn here.  See you tomorrow at school."

Rei : "Goodbye, Ikari-kun."


Shinji is on his way back to Misato's apartment.

Shinji (to himself) : "Well...I don't know why I always feel uncomfortable
with Ayanami.  She isn't mad at me but I think she feels jealous...I'm
probably a little crazy, too.  Why am I thinking that every girl I know
wants to get closer to me?"


Shinji : "Poor Asuka...I'm sorry for what I've done...but, on the other
hand, it was HER idea in the first place..."


Flashback:  Misato's apartment.  Shinji is watching TV on the couch, but,
strangely, he's listening to his SDAT's programs #25 & #26:  "I...mustn't
run away...You feel the same way...tadam, tadam...wap doo wap..."  Asuka
is sitting at the table.

Asuka : "Hey, Shinji!"

Shinji just sits there, unable to hear her over the music.


No answer.

Asuka : "Humphh..."


Asuka (seductively) : "Shiiiiiinjiii...Rei just got out of the shower
and *she's not wearing a towel*..."

Shinji (turning his eyes to Asuka and removing his earbuds) : "What?"

Asuka (to herself) : "You stupid pervert..." (to Shinji) "Hey, I'm

Shinji : "Oh, don't wanna practice kissing again, do you?  No

Asuka : "...wanna do something naughty?"

Shinji : "Huh?"

Asuka : "I mean, do you wanna fuck?"

Shinji : "WHAT?  Cut it out, Asuka!  We're only 14!  You can't be

Asuka : "And what's the matter with that?  Everything has to start

Shinji : "Are you serious?"

Asuka : "Yeah, I'm serious.  And really bored.  What's the matter, are you
scared or something?"

She stands up from her chair and heads to Shinji.  She then sits on the
couch, close to him.

Shinji : "Hmm...wait, Asuka...I don't think I'm ready seem to be

Asuka : "Don't tell me you're not a man.  Or is it that you don't *want*
to be a man?"

She then undresses quickly and begins to do the same for him...and

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!  This isn't a lemonfic!  You ecchi!  We'll assume
they each had their first sexual experience here.  Let your perverted
imagination take care of the rest if you want it that way.  I can only
tell you one thing:  They were exhausted at the end of it all!


Back to the present.  Misato's apartment.  Shinji walks very quietly down
the hallway.  He seems to be trying to avoid something, or someone...

Shinji : "Hope she isn't here..."

The place seems totally quiet.  Shinji walks into the kitchen and
searches for something to eat in the refrigerator.  He seems surprised
that nobody else is at home.

Shinji : "Phew...Asuka's not here..."

Suddenly, he hears something coming from behind "Hell's Mistress'"

Shinji : "Crying?"

He slowly reaches for the doorknob with his trembling hand, and quietly
turns it.  For some strange reason, it's unlocked.  The door is only half-
open and it's pretty dark, but he can see the red-haired girl laying on
her bed, facing the wall, crying and sobbing.

Shinji : "For someone who pretends to be so strong, it's really strange to
see her crying...but...she's human, after all..."

He opens the door.

Asuka (without even turning her head from the wall to see who has profaned
her only...home...) : "WHO'S THERE!?"

Shinji doesn't answer.  Not out loud, anyways.

Asuka (louder) : "WHO'S THERE!??"

Shinji : "It's only me.  Asuka-chan..."

Then he thought, why did he call her "-chan"?  He usually never said that.  
Always "-san."  Why did he say this now?

Asuka : "Shinji...get out of here.  I don't want to see your face anymore."

Shinji : "Asuka..."

Asuka : "You heard me!  Go away!"

He comes a little closer to her, and sits on the foot of the bed.

Asuka : "Don't come any closer!  Or I'll kill you!"

He gets up and then sits down in the chair by her desk.

Asuka : "What do you want...Casanova?"

She sobs louder.

Shinji : "What's going on, Asuka?"


Shinji : "...You're right.  Forgive me."

Pause.  The sobs continue.

Shinji : "What are you going to do...?"

Asuka : "WHAT A STUPID QUESTION, YOU IDIOT!  I'm going to get an

Shinji : "Are you serious?"

Asuka : "And why not?  I'm not going to raise this child by myself!
Besides, he has no father."

Shinji obviously looks very hurt by this.

Shinji : "What are you talking about?  I'm...I'm...I'm his father, after

Asuka : "What's that supposed to mean?  That I'll have to marry you and
that we'll have to live together forever?  NO WAY!"

Shinji (very quietly) : "I'm really sorry...Asuka...I didn't want to--"

Asuka : "You 'didn't want to'...DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID?  You boys are all
alike.  You only listen to your hormones."

Shinji : "That's not true!!!  And besides, it was YOUR idea!  And don't you
DARE tell me you didn't enjoy doing it!" (to himself) : "What am I saying?  
Is this really me?"

Silence.  Seconds later, the sobs continue...

Asuka : "I...I was just teasing you...but,'re a boy, you can't see
that.  You only saw that I wanted to sleep with you!  You're disgusting!"

Shinji (calmly) : "No.  You're the disgusting one.  You provoked me into doing
it with you.  I can't believe you think it's only my fault.  You brought the
whole thing up in the first place, and you enjoyed it, too.  I feel so ashamed.  
Not because of what I've done.  I'm ashamed of YOU, Asuka!"

Asuka : "You don't understand anything..."

Shinji : "Of course I understand!  You're gonna have a baby because of ME!  I
can sense what you feel right now.  You probably really hate me, even more
than usual.  But don't make others suffer for your personal hatred!"

(Author's note:  Yeah, I know.  I shouldn't have quoted this one here...
Sorry :-) )

Asuka's eyes widen for a moment, and then start shedding more tears...

Asuka (between sobs) : "Why should I make you suffer?  You don't care at all
about my..."

Her voice trails off.

Asuka : "...My child..."

Shinji : "OUR child.  I was there, too, remember?"

Asuka : "Hmph.  Don't make me laugh.  I'm his mother, you are nothing.
Anyway, it will soon be a thing of the past.  Don't worry."

Shinji : "You can't do that!  I'll do whatever it takes to stop you from
doing this...this..."

He trails off, unable to find the right word to express the horror he feels
at the idea of abortion.

Asuka : "Sounds funny coming from your mouth, ecchi--"

Shinji : "Look, *I* have feelings, too!  You're not the only one concerned!  
I'm fed up with this, Asuka!  You never listen to always shut
yourself up in your room to escape reality!  I know what I'm talking about.  
I've been down that road, too.  And until recently, I was running away from
my fears!  I was even running away from you!  When I realized that I gave you
a child, I...I thought about myself, about others, about what I feel, and
came to this conclusion:  I mustn't run away from a girl who needs me!"

(Author's note:  Yeah, yeah...I shouldn't have put this one in as well...)

Asuka : "...I don't need you, oberarsche [super asshole]..."

Shinji (frustrated) : "I'm tired of talking to someone who won't even listen
to what I'm saying.  I'm going out for a walk."

Shinji puts the chair back in the nook of the desk, and leaves the room.  
She realizes she's alone again.

Asuka (softly) : "I wonder...what it's like to give birth?"


Shinji makes his way out of Asuka's room.  Someone is waiting for him in
the hallway.

Misato : "Very impressive, Shinji-kun.  How is she?"

Shinji : "Ah...Misato-san...well...I...I think I was a bit rude with her.  
I think I lost my temper."

Misato : "I don't think so."

Shinji : " were listening!?"

Misato : "Yeah."

Shinji : " know everything."

Misato : "I already know it's not all your fault because she told me a few
hours ago, when she came home from school."

Shinji : "So, what are we going to do now?  Will her pregnancy affect her
piloting skills?"

Misato : "I'm not sure, but...Ritsuko told me that her current condition
could result in her synchro rate going down a bit."

Shinji : "Damn, that won't be any help at all."

Misato : "I know, I know.  Anyway, I think it's best for her to not go to
school for a few months until we understand the situation better."

Shinji : "Okay."

Misato : "Don't worry, Shinji-kun.  I'll take care of her..."

Shinji : "And what if an Angel attacks?"

Misato (grinning) : "Let's pray hard."

Shinji (sarcastically) : "I see..."


The next morning, Ikari Shinji checks Asuka's room.  The same bed, the
same girl, the same setting.  Without a sound, he goes off to school.  He
meets up with Kensuke, Toji and Hikari in the classroom.

Kensuke : "Hi, Shinji!"

Toji : "Hi."

Hikari : "Ikari?  Why is Asuka not with you?"

Shinji : "Hmmm...She's ill.  And it seems to be pretty serious."

Kensuke : "Ah?  The bitch is sick?"

Hikari : "Kensuke!  Don't talk like this about our friend Asuka!  She
doesn't deserve it!"

Toji : "Any details?"

Shinji : "Sorry, but Misato told me to be quiet."

Kensuke : "Oh, come on, Shinji!  You can tell us!  We won't say anything!  
You trust us, don't you?"

Toji : "Besides, she looked all right yesterday.  Are you hiding something
from us?"

Shinji : "Of course not.  She's ill because she inhaled too much of the
liquid we use at our last synchro test last night."

Hikari : "No need to keep this a secret, Ikari.  By the way, where can I
visit her?"

Shinji : "I'm afraid you can't.  She's staying in a high-security hospital
room at NERV.  I even had to summon Misato to enter." (to himself) : "For
now, Misato's plan works..."

Kensuke : "You seem very self-confident, Shinji.  It's not like you."

Toji : "You're right, Kensuke.  Maybe he did some naughty things to her and
now she's recovering from the ride...OUCH!!"

A schoolbag connects with his head.  Hikari's, obviously.

Hikari : "Don't say such things, you pervert!"

Toji : "Sorry, class rep."


While Shinji is in class, Misato calls Ritsuko over the phone from home.

Misato : "Hi, it's Misato!"

Ritsuko : "Major, I've more important things to do than gossip."

Misato : "Hey!  I'm serious here!!!"

Ritsuko : "You don't sound serious to me."

Misato : "Awww, shuddup..."

Ritsuko : "So, what's the reason for your call, Major Katsuragi?"

Misato : "I wanted to give you news about Asuka, but since you don't sound
very interested in this kind of news, I'll leave..."

Ritsuko : "Stop joking.  How is she?"

Misato : "Very upset.  She had a discussion with Shinji yesterday about this.  
And that was pretty, uh...stormy."

Ritsuko : "I was expecting as much."

Misato : "Don't play the bossy girl with me, Rit-chan!  You're not a mother!"

Ritsuko : "Neither are you."

Misato : "But *I* take care of children, don't I?"

Ritsuko : "Okay, one point for you."

Misato : "Well...and then I talked with her a little earlier this morning..."

Ritsuko : "She's not at school!?"

Misato : "In her state, I don't think it would be a good idea."

Ritsuko : "I guess you're right.  And, what came out of this discussion?"

Misato : "You won't believe this..."


>From the other end of the testing room:

Maya : "Huh?  Sempai?"

Ritsuko : "She's *WHAT*?!"

Misato : "You heard me.  She's willing to keep and raise her child..."

Ritsuko : "Alone?  That's ludicrous!"

Misato : "Considering your mother and what you are now, I think you're

Ritsuko grumbles a bit.  That one hit pretty close to home.

Ritsuko : "Anyway, she...she can't think about it!  And if an Angel
attacks late in her term, she won't be able to pilot Unit 02!"

Misato : "Oh, you found that out by yourself?"

Ritsuko : "Stop making fun of me, Misato!  THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS ISSUE!"

Misato : "I know!!!  But ONE life is more important than NERV's schemes!"

Ritsuko : "Perhaps you think that ONE birth is better than BILLIONS of
deaths, do you?"

Misato : "Okay, one point for you too."

Ritsuko : "Well, what else?"

Misato : "You know, I think I saw a *new* Asuka when I was talking with her.  
She's not like the competitive one we're used to...I think she senses the
woman in her now."

Ritsuko : "Quit rambling, Misato."

Misato : "I warned her about the synchro rate.  At first, she was really
depressed, but I told her that we would try to fix it..."

Ritsuko : "YOU WHAT!??  That's going too far, Major!  How could you tell
her things we just possibly can't do!?"

Misato : "Don't worry.  I know Asuka.  Her score really depends on her
psychological state.  If we tell her things that will reassure her, it'll
be just fine."

Ritsuko : "I hope so."

Misato : "Hmmm...errrr...Rit-chan...I've got a little favor to ask you..."

Ritsuko : "Oh, come on.  I saw everything today!  What is it *now*?"

Misato : "I'm not an expert in pregnancy, and...I was wondering...should I
put her on a special diet or something?  Any advice?"

Ritsuko : "Well...the first months she can do whatever she wants.  After
the third month, she must cut down on strenuous activities like sports--"

Misato : "And EVA, I suppose."

Ritsuko (sighing) : "You suppose well.  Now, about food:  You must give her
whatever she wants, even if it's too sugary.  She needs to feed her child
and herself, you know.  She'll probably want specific foods.  Even if they
seem unusual, try to give them to her."

Misato : "I see."

Ritsuko : "Anything else?"

Misato : "No, I don't think..."

Ritsuko : "Ah, and she MUST, at *any cost*, be HERE, every week.  We have to
study how this affects her synchronization with Eva, and have the doctors do
ob/gyn checkups on her as well."

Misato (sighing) : "Yeah, yeah..."

Ritsuko : "Misato?"

Misato : "What?"

Ritsuko : "Be a good nanny."


Ritsuko : "Misato...?"


Misato's apartment.  She is in her bedroom, and has just hung up the phone
suddenly, a bit of a peeved look on her face.  Someone knocks at her door.

Misato : "Come in, Asuka."

The door opens and a very livid Asuka walks in.  Misato raises her eyebrows a
bit, but otherwise doesn't move.

Misato (a bit nervously) : "What's...what's up, Asuka?  You need something?"

Asuka : "I'm...hungry!!!"

Misato : "Ah, here it comes... Okay, I'm going to buy some food.  Is there
anything you want in particular?"

Asuka : "I can't wait!!  What have you got here now?"

A little later, Asuka plows through three bowls of ramen, two bowls of rice
and 14 cups of fruit yogurt...(<-Private Joke to Mygard, Yankee and Sir
Gordon!!).  Misato sits in front of her at the kitchen table, her head resting
in her hands.

Misato : "Boy, you eat like a horse..."

Asuka : "Whoa, that was great!  I feel much better!"

She rubs her stomach and can sense something's moving.

Asuka : "I swear I can feel it..."

Misato : "You can?"

Asuka : "I wonder when we can find out what sex it is?"

Misato : "Patience!  Very soon.  Ritsuko told me they can check it out in a
few months."

Asuka : "I'm dying to know!"

Misato : "What's going on here?  You're not the Asuka I talked with last

Asuka : "Cut that out!!  You know I've changed my mind about that!  I'm
keeping it!"

Misato : "Any ideas for a name?"

Asuka : "Oh yeah, yeah!  I already thought about it!  If it's a boy, it'll
be Axel, and if it's a girl, it'll be Teri."

(Author's note:  Don't sue me...don't sue me...ahahahah....I'M THE WRITER
just forget about that crazy rambling...hmm...)

Misato : "These aren't exactly common Japanese names."

Asuka : "I can call my child whatever I want..."

Misato : "Of course you can.  But, did you talk with its father before
choosing names?"

Asuka : "Cut it out, Misato!  I said I don't want to talk about HIM for

Misato : "Sorry about that.  But will you tell him you're going to keep
the child?"

Asuka (tracing circles on the table with her fingers) : "I don't know..."

Misato : "You can tell me.  This is between girls, after all!  Oh, sorry!
Between *women*."

Asuka (smiling) : "Okay, I'll tell him.  But not now.  Maybe later."

Misato : "Good."

Suddenly, the front door of the apartment opens and reveals Shinji and
his schoolmates Hikari, Toji and Kensuke.

Shinji (grimacing) : "Sorry, Misato-san, I wasn't able to get rid of them."

Everyone is now in the kitchen, sitting at the table.  Asuka walks in.  
Strangely, Shinji is trying to avoid her gaze.

Asuka : "Hi, everyone!"

Hikari : "Asuka!  You're here!!!  But...Shinji told us you were very sick.  
I was worried."


Shinji tries to hide behind Misato.

Asuka : "You lousy liar!  I'll teach you..."

Misato : "Hmmm...Asuka..."

Asuka : "What!  Why are you sticking up for him?"

Misato : "I think you're a little too was my plan.  I didn't
wanted to tell everything about your...condition..."

Toji & Kensuke : "'Condition'?"

Hikari : "What's going on, Asuka?"

Asuka : "Umm...well, I...nothing really important..."

Misato : "She's very distressed because...because she lost someone close
to her...please understand, it's very difficult for her."

Asuka : "What the...?"

Misato (quietly, to Asuka) : "Shut up, I'm trying to save your butt.  
You'll thank me later."

Asuka : "Oh, well..."

Hikari : "Oh, that was why...sorry, Asuka.  I understand."

Toji & Kensuke : "So do we!"

Asuka : "Thanks."


Misato : "Hmmm...does anyone want noodles?"

Asuka : "Misato, I ate everything in the apartment today, remember?"

Misato : "Oh, you're right."

Hikari : "What?  You ate that much today?!  You'll get fat if you keep
doing that!"

Asuka (reluctantly) : "I know I'm going to be fat."

Hikari puts her hand on Asuka's stomach.  She begins to tickle and to
squeeze her friend's stomach.

Hikari (teasing) : "You see, you're already a bit plump!"

Asuka has been on edge since she thought long and hard about her decision
to keep the baby.  To have someone touch her belly at this point was all
she needed to push her over.

Asuka (suddenly shouting loudly) : "DON'T TOUCH ME THERE!!"

Everyone jumps, gasps and rubs their ears.  Misato knocks over her cup of

Hikari : "Asuka, what's wrong?  Were you THAT full?"

Asuka (scrambling for an explanation) : "That hurts, Hikari...please...
don't touch's..."

Misato gets ready to say something, but--

Asuka : "It's my wound from the last fight."

Hikari (worried) : "Oh, I'm so sorry...I don't know what to do..."

Asuka (smiling) : "I'll be just fine.  Don't worry."

Toji (to Kensuke) : "I never saw her smile before!"

Kensuke (very quietly, to Toji) : "Not when she wasn't being arrogant.  And
WHEN did she get that wound?!  She seemed fine when she came back to class
after the last Angel attack."

Toji (to Kensuke) : "Strange."

Asuka (glaring at the two of them) : "What are you two complaining about?"

Toji & Kensuke : "Oh, nothing!  Nothing!"

Misato (softly) : "What's the matter, Shinji-kun?  You haven't said a word."

Shinji (standing up) : "Uh, I just...I think I'm gonna go to my room.  I
don't feel well."

Misato : "As you wish."

Shinji : "May I be excused?"

Misato : "Of course."

Shinji leaves the living room.

Toji : "What's happening to Shinji?"

Misato : "I think he just needs some rest."

Toji : "Ahhh..."

Misato : "Hikari."

Hikari : "Yes, Major Katsuragi?"

Misato : "Could you please collect the printouts of Asuka's lessons for a
few months and get Shinji to take them home with him?  She won't be at
school for a while."

Hikari : "O...of course, Major.  But why?"

Misato : "I can't tell you.  Sorry."

Hikari : "I...I understand."

Asuka : "Yeahaar!!  I'll skip classes for months!!!"

Misato (trying to disappoint her) : "Hey, hey, you're not getting off that
easy!  You'll be at NERV almost every day.  You won't have much time to

Asuka : "Scheist [Shit]!"



Misato : "So what'll happen to Asuka next?  It's TOO calm, don't you think?  
Well, read the next episode:  "A Nanny Needs Practice."  And the next time...  
I'll take off the top!!!!!!  And be ready for some service, service!"

Axel : "Awwww, shut up, Misato!"

Misato : "Okay, okay..."