Part 7 (oamke)
                Child of Love 7: I Am Not Worthy
            Capcom Vs SNK 2010: The Next Generation

ROUND ONE: Jin Saotome Vs. Shermie

     Asuka Sohryu Langley, decked out in a "mecha-warrior" uniform, is facing
against her opponent on top of a city building.  Her opponent just happens to be Rei
Ayanami, wearing the most luxurious of dance dresses and an unusually brilliant

Asuka:    You're dead, Wondergirl!

     And with that, Asuka commences her attack.  She footsweeps Rei, launches
her into the sky, and then she calmly snaps her fingers...  And a big giant mecha
named "Brodia" catches her off guard and riddles her with laser blasts.  A control
panel pops on screen as Asuka rams the buttons like there's no tomorrow.

Asuka:    HAH!!  How do you like THESE apples?!

     But Asuka's victory party didn't last very long.  After she finished
*Zapping,* Rei did a safety roll towards an open Langley and initiated her own
special move.  Rei grabs her opponent and complete slams her all over the place.
She finally flings Asuka into the air, catches her between her thighs, and does a
severe life-draining "Frankensteiner" slam.

KO!!  Shermie Wins!

Rei:      This is rather easy.
Asuka:    (Fuming.)  How DARE you!!

ROUND TWO: King Vs. Rolento

     Shinji is wearing a yellow commando's outfit with a red beret on his head
while Kensuke's wearing a bartender outfit.

Shinji:   My question, Kensuke: You're a military freak.  Why the bar lady?
Kensuke:  (Wacky smile on his face.)  Because I've been reading Vegeta's
Shinji:   Dang!  You're as much of a hentai as Asuka says you are!

     Kensuke answers with a jumping knock-down kick, which Shinji blocks.
Kensuke tries to combo off of him.  And when he managed to create an opening,
he proceeds to do his "Shadow Illusion" and starts auto-combo-kicking the hell
outta Shinji.  After Kensuke finished though, he was left wide open for Shinji's
"Patriot Circle."  And then it turned into the "Take No Prisoners" super combo.
Kensuke was grabbed by a thin wire, and then was hung on a hook for a while
before it snapped, causing him to fall on the ground.

ROUND THREE: Akuma Vs Billy Kane

     Toji's wearing a black gi and a "ready to kick butt" attitude while Hikari
came in wearing jeans, a British jacket, a bandana, and a very large bo staff.

Hikari:   Jeez, Toji!  Shotokan again?!  I don't know why I even date you!
Toji:     I can't help it, babe!  I can't be held back!

     The fight starts with Hikari attempting to hit Toji over the head with her cane,
but she missed.  He decides to start off with the "Annihilating Air Hadoken," but
Hikari expected something like that and initiated her "Serpent Wave Cane."  The
initial strike of her cane was so powerful that it negated Toji's fireball and then sent
the unsuspecting Shotokan scrub flying.

Toji:     Hey!  That's not being fair!
Hikari:   And since when are _you_ the expert at being fair?!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

My apologies to Capcom and SNK for this.  But it had to be done!
Shinji Ikari, the 10 o'Clock Assassin

with the approval of
Axel Terizaki