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CAPTION 2: Their Fifth Anniversary!

It seems that we are in Misato's apartment.  A door opens, revealing a
little girl with long red hair.  She's wearing a cute dark blue dress
with a white ribbon around the collar.  She walks silently towards the
kitchen, as if she's sleepwalking.

She then pushes a chair up to the fridge, opens it, and then moves the
chair in front of it.  She then climbs up on the top of it and takes out
a can of orange juice.  She then climbs down onto the floor, pushes the
chair back to the kitchen table, and closes the fridge door.  She then
jumps on another chair, puts the can on the table, opens it, raises it
to her lips, then drinks half of it in one gulp.  After that...

....the whole house is woken up by a loud "YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"
coming from the little girl.

Little girl : "Oops..."

Soon, the door next to the little girl's room opens and reveals a young
adult woman with fiery red hair.  She enters the kitchen.

Young woman : "Teri-chan!!!!!!!"

The little girl takes the orange juice can and tries to hide it in the
sink.  Of course, the woman sees her doing it.

Teri : "Hmmm...y-yes, okasan?"

Asuka : "Never do *that* again, okay!?"

A young man appears just behind Asuka.  It's a still-sleepy Shinji.
Teri rushes up towards him and jumps into his arms.

Asuka : "Teri-chan!  Are you listening?!"

Teri : "Hey, let me at least give otousan a cuddle..."

Asuka : "'Otousan' is mine, Teri-chan!"

Shinji is still very unresponsive to the scene in front of him.  He
never could get the hang of mornings.

Teri : "Maybe, but for now, he's mine!"

Teri sticks out her tongue at Asuka.

Asuka (fuming) : "Hmmmmmmrrrr........!"

Shinji (realizing) : "Hm, Asuka-chan, you're not gonna be mad at your
own daughter just because she wants to give me a cuddle, are you?"

Asuka : "'re right.  I shouldn't be jealous of my own
daughter.  It's bad."

Teri : "Okasan is bad."

Asuka (reluctantly) : "Yeah, yeah, I am."

Shinji : "You know, Teri-chan...imitating grownups is bad, too."

Teri : "But, Auntie Misato is a good person!"

Shinji : "Of course she is, but drinking like her is bad.  Especially
first thing in the morning, understood?"

Teri : "Yes, otousan.  I won't do it again."

Shinji : "Good girl."

He fatherly caresses her auburn hair.  Misato chooses this moment to
make her appearance. She was already in her NERV Commander outfit.

Misato : "Thank you, Teri-chan, for waking me up..."

Teri then jumps from her father's arms to Misato's.

Misato : "Hey hey hey!  You're in good form, as always!"

Teri : "Oh yes, Auntie Misato!"

Asuka (to herself) : "Grrr...she only acts like a nice and innocent
little girl when there's other people--"

Teri : "Oh, okasan.  Don't say that I'm not a good child!  I always am!"

Asuka (softly) : "I forgot about that...damn..."

Shinji put his hands around Asuka's waist from behind and plants a kiss
on the back of her neck.

Shinji (whispering) : "At least I'm a nice husband, aren't I?"

Asuka : "Hmmm..."

Shinji : "Something's wrong, Asuka-chan?"

Asuka : "No...nothing at all, my love..."

She then turns her head back to him and kisses him tenderly on the lips.
Teri was looking at them carefully.

Teri : "Otosan and okasan are kissing again!"

Misato : "Heh heh.  Your parents are in love, Teri-chan.  That's

Teri : "In love?  What does that mean, Auntie?"

Misato (giggling) : "Well, you'll find that out when you've grown up a
little, Teri-chan.  Don't worry."

Teri : "Ah."

Misato puts Teri back down.

Misato (to herself) : "Damn, she looks so much like her mother..."

Teri : "Auntie Misato, why are you saying that I look like okasan?  Do I
look *that* much like okasan?"

Misato : "Yes, you do, Teri-chan.  Have you ever looked at yourself in a

Teri : "Yes, but...oh, you must be right, Auntie Misato."

Asuka and Shinji finally break off their seemingly endless kiss.

Asuka : "Oh, before I forget, Misato..."

Misato : "What?"


Misato : "Oh well...sorry..."

Teri : "Why?  Is drinking bad?"

Asuka (tenderly) : "Oh no, Teri-chan...drinking's not really bad.  Just
the way that Misato does it."

Teri : "Oh...tell me, okasan..."

Asuka : "What?"

Teri : "Where's Axel-chan?"

Asuka : "Ah...your brother is at auntie Wond...Rei's house."

Teri : "Why?"

Asuka : "Well, because..."

Seeing that her wife is hesitating, Shinji takes the initiative.

Shinji : "You see, Teri-chan, you're now seven..."

Teri nodded : "Yes!  Auntie Rei said that I was a big girl now!"

Shinji : "Exactly.  And it's now five years than your mother and I have
been married..."

Asuka (lovingly) : "Five years in a few hours, baka Shinji..."

The calendar shows that it is November 19th, 2023.  Exactly five years
ago, Sohryu Asuka Langley renounced her maiden name in favour of her new
husband's one, Ikari.  It somehow made her feel free when others called
her 'Ikari Asuka Langley'.  She was now free from her mother, free from
her past.  She felt...even better than before.

Shinji : "And then, tonight, I'm taking your mother to a secret place,
just the two of us..."

Teri (giving him one of her best kawaii looks) : "Can't Axel-chan and I
go with you?"

Shinji : "No,'s only your mother and I tonight."

Teri (pouting) : "Otosan's evil!"

Asuka : "Maybe, but 'otosan' is right for now, Teri-chan."

Shinji smiles and takes his daughter into his arms. He then whispers
something into her little ear.

Shinji (whispering) : "But I'll give you and your brother presents when
we will be back.  So be a good girl with Auntie Misato and Auntie Rei,

Teri : "Okay, otosan."

Shinji : "Your brother is at Auntie Rei's house because he has to get
used to her and her new home...understand?"

Teri : "I think."

Shinji : "Good.  So why not join him while otousan and okasan are
celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, hm?"

Teri : "Yes, yes!  When are we leaving? I want to see Auntie Rei!"

Shinji : "We'll leave soon, don't worry."

Teri : "Don't do silly things with okasan, otousan."

Shinji (stunned) : "Huh?"

Teri (grinning) : "I don't want any other brothers or sisters for now,

Shinji and Asuka are turning redder and redder with embarrassment.
Misato can't help but laugh.

Asuka : "By the way, Misato, where's Kaji?"

Misato : "He's at HQ."

Asuka : "Oh...doing 'things' again?"

Misato : "Well, sort of...we are seeing if we'll accept the U.N.'s
proposition about helping them in the war in this country... Well I can't
remember its name..."

Shinji, sarcastically : "What a wonderful commander we have here..."

Asuka : "You know perfectly well how we feel about this, Misato.
Neither Shinji nor I want to be involved in a conflict and kill people."

Misato : "I know that, don't worry.  I just want you to...scare them."

Asuka : "What, like destroying some little things with our young
innocent hands in order to show them how powerful we are?"

Misato : "That's it!  And you're forced to accept.  They wanted to trade
you-know-what, Shinji, for our help in this war."

Shinji : "Then, I think I have no choice. Don't worry, Misato-san. Asuka
and I will take place in Eva Unit 01 and 02 then."

Asuka : "But what are you talking about? What's that deal stuff with the
United Nations?"

Misato, grinning : "Oh, you'll see that sooner or later, don't worry!"

She looks down at Teri, who was listening carefully to the adult's

Misato : "So...Teri-chan.  I'm bringing you to Auntie Rei's house.  Okay? Go
to the bathroom and we'll leave then."

Teri : "Hai, auntie!"

Teri then heads towards the bathroom.

Some minutes later, Shinji and Asuka were eating their breakfast on the
kitchen table while Misato was waiting for Teri.

Misato : "Oh, by the way... Asuka, Shinji... You're now 22 and... Kaji and I
decided something."

We can suddenly hear 'sqwaaks' coming from the bathroom...

Teri (from the inside of the bathroom) : "Come on Pen-Pen! I wanna play
gee-gees with you!"

Asuka, to Teri, throughout the bathroom : "Teri-chan! I already told you
that Pen-pen was too old for you to play with now!"

Misato : "Don't worry, I'll take him with me..."

Shinji and Asuka, surprised : "Huh?"

Misato : "I'm going to live with Kaji. So, we decided to give you this
apartment. I solved all the administrative problems. This apartment's now
under the name of the Ikaris. That's our present for your fifth wedding

Asuka : "You... You're leaving? And... We won't see you anymore?"

Misato : "Of course you'll see me, but not as often as usual... I'm just
going to live in Kaji's apartment. And besides, you'll soon need one more
room for Axel-chan... He can't sleep forever in your own room..."

Shinji, sighing : "Ahh... I'm relieved, Misato-san that you don't disappear
like that... That's really a big present you're giving us, you know... I
don't know how to thank you..."

Misato : "Don't worry, it's the least that I can do for you two... You saved
our planet, and you continue to fight for mankind's safety. I don't see why
you couldn't have you part of happiness too..."

Asuka : "Misato... I'm still happy of being here with you and Shinji...
As long as I'm with him, I feel good..."

Misato : "I know that, Asuka. And I really thought that the day of your
wedding would never come, because of Ikari Gendo, because of your behaviour
when you were together, always arguing... And now, I almost feel as if it's
a dream. My two roomates married... and with two children in addition of
that. I feel a little like a grandmother when I see Teri-chan, because I
lived with you and I've been your guardian for many years. And Teri-chan is
the fruit of my efforts, to bring you together. So, thank you, Ikari Shinji
and Ikari Asuka Langley, for being the two children I never had."

Asuka : "Hey, stop that... You sound like we'll never see each other again!"

Misato : "Yeah, you're right, Asuka. I'm giving way too much to my feelings..."

Shinji : "Misato-san, thank you too for all the great moments together. And
I hope that you'll come here to visit our family very often... And I wish
you a happy life with Kaji-san."

Misato, happily : "Thank you Shinji-kun! Of course I will live happily!"

The little girl finally comes out of the bathroom.

Misato : "Okay, now let's go."

Teri says goodbye to her mother and father who had just stood up from the
kitchen table and left with Misato...

Asuka : "And Misato, please drive carefully this time...I don't want
Teri to get used to driving fast, okay?"

Misato (reluctantly) : "Yeah, yeah..."

She looks down at Teri.

Misato : "Sorry, Teri-chan.  No more city rides at full speed.  It's
your mother's orders."

Teri (disappointed) : "Awww..."

Misato (to Asuka and Shinji) : "Okay, you lovebirds.  Have a sweet

They then disappear behind the front door of the apartment.  Asuka
continues to glare at the door.

Asuka : "Sometimes our daughter scares me."

Shinji places himself behind her and puts his arms around her waist.  He
stands half a head taller than her now.

Shinji : "I know...and she isn't aware of what's inside her...the power
she really has."

Asuka (closing her eyes) : "You think so?  I don't.  I think she does
know, but tries to hide it."

Shinji : "Maybe...I hope she'll make good use of it, anyways."

Asuka : "According to Ritsuko-san, Axel-chan doesn't have the same
skills as her."

Shinji : "Then my father's dirty work only affected Teri-chan.  That's
good to hear."

Asuka : "Hmmm...I think we can trust Teri-chan, Shinji.  She's really a
good girl, and would never do any harm to anyone. After all, she inherited
more than 90% of my genes, according to Ritsuko-san."

Shinji : "We'll make sure she learns not to hurt anyone."

Asuka, sadly : "When I think...about what your father did to me...and to

Shinji hears a sniffle coming from his wife.  He unlocks his arms,
places himself in front of her, and puts his hands on her shoulders.

Shinji : "That's all in the past now, Asuka..."

He looks into her beautiful blue eyes.  They're full of tears.

Asuka (crying) : "But...she'll never be normal!  She'll always be
bothered about that!  And what will people think of her when they find
out?  They'll take her for a monster!  Ritsuko-san explained to me!
Shinji!  She can read minds!  She can move objects just by looking at
them!  And who knows what powers will she have by the time she's
grown up!?  Oh, Shinji..."

She buries her head in his chest.  Shinji wraps his arms around her

Shinji : "...I know, Asuka.  I know that...Teri-chan is...not a normal
little girl.  But she's our daughter, and that's the most important."

Asuka (sobbing a little) : "Sniff...and we can't do anything...if only
I'd kept taking those pills when I was carrying her, none of this would
be happening!"

Shinji : "Don't say that, Asuka.  It's not your fault.  It's my
father's...No.  It's the former NERV Commander's fault."

Asuka (now just sniffling a bit) : "Hmmm...being in these strong arms
feels so good, Shinji...please, hold me tighter..."

He doesn't need to be asked twice.  Asuka takes a deep breath and slowly

Shinji : "Come on, Asuka-chan.  Today is our fifth wedding anniversary.
I'll make you happy today, like I did five years ago.  I will never
forget that smile you gave me when you said 'I do' in front of the
priest.  And it may take my life to repay you for that smile, but I'll
do it."

Asuka (softly) : "Shinji..."

Shinji : "Hm?"

Asuka (whispering) : "Where are we going tonight?"

Shinji : "Tonight?  That's a surprise..."

Asuka (softly) : "Oh come on, tell me..."

Shinji : "I'm gonna take you where I should have told you that I love
you from the beginning..."

Asuka : "That doesn't answer my question, baka Shinji..."

Shinji takes a piece of paper from his pocket and shows it to Asuka.

Asuka (surprised) : "Oh!!"

Shinji smiles at her.

Asuka (happily) : "A boat ride!  My sweetie baka Shinji!"

Shinji : "Ha ha!  Misato-san prepared everything for's only for
us.  There will be no one else there...except for the working crew, of

Asuka (smiling warmly) : "Well, I don't think that a U.N. aircraft
carrier is very romantic, but it'll do!"

And with that, she kisses him passionately...



Author's notes:

Okay, I needed to write that, mostly because a part of myself was willing to
do it, but also because many of my readers wanted to see how Teri-chan
had grown up. Now that you know, leave me alone, understood?

Ahah, I was kidding don't worry. I have a few ideas for her teenage years,
like the relationship she has with her brother and mother in particular,
the evolution of her state, etc. I just have to write them down on disk.
But I don't know if I'll write that... Please understand, I need a good plot
in order to write a good story, and unfortunately, I don't have one for
Teri's teenage years for now.

Special thanks to all of my pre-readers : Al-l-Bus, Alain Gravel,
Borderline Case, David Watson, EBJ, Eva_Pilot00, Greg Thomas, DJ Lesser,
Kaoru Nagisa, Jon Byram, Pheaton, Readiosys Fisher, Sammy Sy, Shinji The
10 o'clock Assassin, Sudhoda'ya, and Sushi Boy!

(I hope I got you all! :-) )

Note that some authors wrote things featuring Teri-chan, like "Ayanami's
Lesson", "A Pilot's Day Off" and "Teri's Romance"! You'll soon be able to
read them on ASUKA's Notebook, don't worry! (and on other archives too,
depending on the author's will.)

Anyways, thank you for reading this far.

See ya soon!
Axel Terizaki